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I was being a dumb ass some

I was being a dumb ass some cute light skin i guess i was in California saw me and got my attention so he drove everywhere buying me anything i ask for then he was rolling me back to his crib i thought he was takin me home ... so his cousin rode pass and saw i was in the car and he said she not ypur girl .. then i was like im just a friend the he ask me what 17 year old do then from there we still in the car dude cousin pulls out a knife and try to threatening me so im a ole g not ahow i was scared so then the pretty light skin that was buying me things pulled out a box cutter and start flashing it in my face ... then i got out the car i ran finally i pick up a sharp object idk if it was Bc we was in the hot cailfornia heat i couldnt run as fast then i shook shook broke ankles try drive off in the car then the car stop .. after that they both was chasing me then i woke up

Had a green frog stuck to my

Had a green frog stuck to my hand i could not get it off at all i shook my hand and it was stuck

I was in a hidden library i

I was in a hidden library i found in a basement. I saw a bible and opened it and a lady was standing behind me with two necklaces with a cross on them. The gold one started to float towards me. then, this deep voice shook the ground that said she's not going to change. the cross flew back against the wall. then a silver cross came towards me and when i looked down to put it on I was already wearing one.

This is not the first time I've

This is not the first time I've had this dream , and this dream feels like it really happened . Im lying in bed and all of a sudden I'm trying to get up and I can't , then I start feeling pain , someone something is keeping me from getting up . They start hitting me in pressure points , holding me under the cover . And I know if I don't get up that I may never get up again . But they keep holding me down and hurting me . And when I finally do I feel the pain for a second after I awake . In the past when I had the dream I was unclear of being held down by someone . But last night it was very clear . I could almost see there face . I shook it off and when I feel asleep again , it happened again , but this time I was getting hurt worse . And it seemed so damn real , cause I had pain for a moment when I awoke

The night my ex boyfriend dumped me,

The night my ex boyfriend dumped me, I dreamt I met his mother. His mother passed away when he was eight, so I have never see or met the woman. All I know is that he told me he resembled her. In this dream this woman came up to me, shook my hand and then hugged me. She said you must be Victoria, I've heard so much about you and how happy you make Tommy. She told me I needed to be patient, he is hard to handle, he has a lot going on.

In my dream I found out that

In my dream I found out that the guy I've been hooking up with named Pieter has a daughter named violet and a wife named Laura. I was so mad because he never told me. He then ignored me and went along with his family. I had been staying in the house with his brother and he never told his wife that he was having a affair. Then at the end of the dream I got robbed.