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I was leaving my home to go

I was leaving my home to go to the shops everything was the same until I got to the shop there was no shop or even buildings any more just rubble I turned around everything was destroyed but no sign of any one around alive or even dead so I carried on walking over the rubble for what seemed like 10 mins or so and then I got hit by something it did not hurt I looked round and I could not see anything I turned back to the way I was going and there was water like a flood of some type I picked up a rock chucked it in the water and it just laid on top and slowly getting dissolved and then I woke up

Last night i dreamt in first person

Last night i dreamt in first person view. I would be walking around a random area in public and suddenly feel a sharp pain inside my mouth a throat. Soon afterwards I'd be coughing up blood and various blades/sharp metal pieces. After a few seconds of this i'd suddenly be somewhere else and someone else. I was no longer me but soon after the same thing would happen again. Coughing up blood and sharp metal chunks. This happened for perhaps 10 body hops and ended up me waking up sweating. My room was only 65 degrees though and i wasnt under covers. I have no idea what that dream meant and frankly it scares the crap out of me