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Was going on a beach holiday with

Was going on a beach holiday with a friend I haven’t seen in a while but we took two different boats to get there I. I was supposed to meet her later however I didn’t have a charger and my phone was out of battery. I didn’t know where my hotel was or where to get a charger and I couldn’t fine her or find a charger.

I was having problems in my flat

I was having problems in my flat with leaks, so my friend came to help me move stuff. he came in a old van with red seats. he brought his daughter and his new girlfriend and her 3 sons. his girlfriend and three sons all had scarred faces as if they had been in a fire or something. her sons were very naughty and when I turned round one of them was hitting my son so I told him to stop. the mother asked what was wrong I said I told your son to stop hitting mine because its not fair as my son has been taught not to hit younger children. the next thing we were having a massive party, and I owned this big white abandoned hotel, it was white inside and out and empty there were leaks of clean water and the lower half of the hotel felt creepy so I went outside and right a the end of the property I found 3 cows with humps on their backs looking very unhealthy they were kept in a concreted area with a tiny patch of green grass and I thought to myself I must come rescue them but first I must get back to the party. everyone was having a great time and the kids were still being very naughty.

Walking home I'm rain on lunch hour,

Walking home I'm rain on lunch hour, on way returning to work see a little girl all wet from rain, leaning against telephone pole I ask her where her mother is and she says her mom is not home. I take her hand and walk with her to a near by hotel/store. I ask a few women if they know the little girl and they say yes. I say to them let the mother know I have her little girl. We begin walking toward my job and see the bridge is washed out.

Me and my friend were on a

Me and my friend were on a plane going to the city and we accidentally landed in rhode island. Went into a hotel and a worker told us not to get the three girls pregnant

In my dream i was by myself

In my dream i was by myself all alone in an abandoned hotel and all i can remember is there being a dirty empty pool but i found the place comforting

I had a dream of going to

I had a dream of going to a huge hotel with my dad, his girlfriend, and my brother Ryan and my dad was like where is the car and he was running through the hotel in his underwear and everyone was looking at him and my brother was like what are you doing you are embarrassing us and they found the car and it was safe.