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I awoke in a land far far

I awoke in a land far far away, where their was giant Angels fighting against demons, while an ice cream truck was driving past. Then an earthquake hit cause the ice cream to spill out and freeze the earth. Now I'm in the movie the Ice Age and I'm riding a mammoth with a sloth named Sid. I then meat a saber tooth tiger named Diego and we jump into a portal that leads to Mars. I'm not having brunch with George Clonny, Donald Trump, and Kanye West. Then I'm at the beach swimming with Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. But then Jaws comes out of nowhere and eats the other people swimming. I grab everyone and make it back to shore where I am greeted by dancing bacon lead by Kevin Bacon. But I'm then entered into a kung fu tournament and I fight Po for the crown as King of the Thespians.

I was angry in my dreams at

I was angry in my dreams at my father who turned out to be my aunt husband, I stood up shouting on a table . We ended up flinging things at each other , he began to have a stroke and then all of a sudden I had to go to jail and so I was packing my clothes in a rush , and my aunt drop me off at a car dealership so I could take a truck to jail n the truck wouldnt start so that lady said we have to go in a van , I ended up in the van at night with the lady n two other girls n the lady gave up these mini Ice creams that expired years ago like 1955 it tasted horrible. I arrived at jail late n the guard told me that I wasn't allowed to leave again n I began to get frustrated n sad because it was my first time being There. Then I ended up in a place where I believe my family were all seated including my dad n he held my had and all I really remember him saying is you wanna eat green beans for the rest of ur life n I'm crying shaking my head n my other aunt telling me I tried to get ur night /time in there shorter n I walked away crying n I was crying when I woke up

I was walking down the street when

I was walking down the street when a mailman taps me on the shoulder and asks me to deliver a box to a house. I tell him no since the house only about 5 feet away from him. The mailman who asked me to deliver this box started beating me with the box he wanted me to deliver. I was calling out to my friends, family, and teacher at the time to save me but they didn’t hear me over the ice cream truck that they were getting ice cream from. After awhile the mailman left me their to die pretty much. After the mailman sped off in his mail truck I woke up with bruises all over my legs and arms.