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I have had the same dream now

I have had the same dream now for three nights about my girlfriend walking away from me and I fell that she is in trouble I am trying to reach out to her calling her name but she just ignores me and carries on walking away not even turning back to look at me and I wake up in a cold sweat sick to my gut and bringing up

I dreamed about a friend who ended

I dreamed about a friend who ended our friendship unexpectedly i see her in my dream but she still acts aloof and ignores



So i had a dream where we

So i had a dream where we were at this new weird school and we had a lot of freedom but we still had to atleast go to class it was kinda like a college but it was shaped like a giant tree. So i took off my shoes for some reason and i couldnt get them back So i went barefoot but i had to go up this weird slide but since I'm afraid of heights i just gave up and went down i managed do go up some stairs when i see Chris and i guess i try to talk to him but he ignores me and walks with his friends and sits at a table The stairs disappeared and i cant find a way out im panicking so bad that i have a mental breakdown i grab a chair and start hitting everything to let out everything suddenly i throw the chair outside and everyone goes to see kinda like if i murdered the chair the whole time Chris was looking at me he had a blank expression but you can see the pain in his eyes Him and his friends got up and went down the stairs that magically appeared he was the last one to leave he looked at me one last time before he left i followed but they were gone everyone was looking for the one who threw the chair the principle said there would be a punishment i laughed and thought BULLSHIT

I had a dream that my little

I had a dream that my little sister just started school. As soon as my crush saw her he realized that she was my little sister. He want into a room with one of my friends. He looked confused upset and he was crying. H kept saying how he loved me and how he he always thinks about me, and every time he looks at me he just ignores me or just doesn't make eye contact with me.

I am looking for my huband and

I am looking for my huband and he is always around or one step ahead of me but I never get to him always just the next room and I know he is with another woman but I can never catch up and if I do then he laughs at me and ignores me I am so friustrated couse he wont respond to me

I had a dream my boyfriend of

I had a dream my boyfriend of 4 years on and off knocked on my door. In real life me and him have not spoken to him for 2 days. I have cheated in the past, my bf has been violent in the past towards me. My boyfriend and I argue and he ignores me after a fight. Last night in my sleep he knocked on my door. I answered my front door in my dream but he pulled out a gun immediately and pointed it at me. He says you want to end things why have you been ignoring me and I get him to reason with me but I dont remember if he shot me or not

Me and mom go shopping, then a

Me and mom go shopping, then a homicidal maniac comes in and shoots the casher but he ignores us and then leaves to go get something. Inside the store there is a island jungle nature reserve. Me and mom cross to the island to hide while he's gone. On the island we find cages with a red panda and I free it then another cage with a white tiger then a released it to then I came back to that cage but the red panda got caught in it. Then I smashed that cage freeing the red panda for good. Then me and mom got in a row boat and went back to the store to erase the information on the cash register so the guy won't know our names. But while we're doing that the guy comes back and catches us

Going by the beach with my grandmother.

Going by the beach with my grandmother. Need to tie my shoes and gets stung by a Nettle. I see my ex and he ignores me. I walk home. I message my ex to see if he is going to eat lunch with me. The door opens and an asian man stands there. I scream and three teeth falls out. It bleeds uncontrollable. I try to wash my mouth but need too put a towel in it too stop the bleeding.