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hen the sky opened i saw pictures

hen the sky opened i saw pictures falling from sky.. Different faces of people and the last piece of photo was ur photo sis. It falls straight in front on me.. Then a man wearing white clothes like robe, his face is a bit blurry pick ur photo and from the time he pick ur pic i felt so worried and sad.. Then He didnt say a word, he gave me ur photo.. Then he point his finger in front of us, i saw two doors, one door on the left was a door of serpents, full of rust, vines and thornes. The serpent looked on me. But the man on a white robe pointed the right door, a door full of jewels, diamonds, stones of every color, it was so bright and shiny and peaceful. He told me Go, and He handed me ur photo..and i ask him wat will i do.. He smiled and pointed the right door And said nothing..

I dreamt I was suffering from depression

I dreamt I was suffering from depression and feeling loss of self-esteem. I was with my brother and he was suppressing this from his wife and friends. Then I noticed that I went into a helicopter with him, my neighbor, and a unrecognizable person. We were riding through the city, and saw a Yves Saint Laurent store (designer) which does not really exist, I don't think. We made a left turn and got out. There was a contest where I had a raffle ticket. I won the prize and it was (funny) a zillion dollars worth of gemstones. The gift was attached to a small chain, as there were two women. For some reason, I saw the jewels then gave it away to one of the two women. I mentioned to my brother how expensive the gift was, though I did not keep it, I gave away the fortune. Then I woke up. What does this mean?