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Chele was showing me these schools the

Chele was showing me these schools the girls were going to but she had a helicopter and everything was so far. She made me ride on the outside and I was so tired holding on. just kept asking me if I was going to do this or that but never slowed down to let me off. Her friend Molly was going to sell her some van and they were talking about how it was built for sex. Molly was talking about Tony and scooter fukn her at the same time all over town in it. Chele wouldn't listen to me that I couldn't hang on anymore. I let go and fell. I was crying and she never stopped or slowed down and I died.

my ex fiancée who stalked me for

my ex fiancée who stalked me for a year after we broke up came over & I let him take me to an auction to buy Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain tees and CDs. I spent too much money and he wanted me to go out with him instead so I returned them and the shop owner let me return them and I looked through bags compulsively for tees I did want more. The shop owner was female. There were guinea pigs, a little girl owned them and they bit me. A man with frogs and snapping turtles came and those were biting. I had to get home before curfew and all these frogs and turtles kept escaping the wallet and biting me

i heard my son, who had not

i heard my son, who had not spoke to me or seen me in six months, he was at the front door with his daughter and his girlfriend whom i have never met i open the door for them hearing him say i probably wont open the door for him when i peeked out the window and seen it was him i was very happy and surprise when i let him in i went to give him a hug but he walked away from me he kept his head cocked so he wouldnt look at me at the same time he was walking around like everything was okay i was trying to get his attention and his daughter was saying hello to me but i was trying to see what was wrong with my son