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i running in a green grass filed

i running in a green grass filed and there was this huge tall tree with big thick branches and lots of green leaves i was standing underneath it and look up and saw that it reach up into the sky and you can barley see the night sky i was thinking wow how beatiful this tree is it must been around for a long time welll i was running from somthing that made me feel like i had to be careful and watch my back so i saw my step dad who has passed away watering the grass and he was talking to me about something and i was helping him pick up the yard and i saw a baby tree laying on the floor with it roots out the grown and my dad said put it in the grwon and it will grow up like the big tree over ther so i planted the baby tree and then some flaying bugs that were killer bees cross over with termites that when they stunk you . you died swarming around us and my dad was wetinging them and i ran to the big tree and grab a water hose and started spraying them in a circler motion apove my head and then i ran to my dad and he was still watering the grass and said the water kills them and i saw my baby tree that i plated little biger tilted out the grtound and my dad said it a goner and stop watering it and i yalled out and ran toward the baby tree and said no it still can be saved and i picked it up and the roots were alll stringand shreed it and i look up and saw a whole millions of bees/termites coming out the trunk of the tree and i started wetting the trunk and the leaves and they wer flying all around me and i wouldnt runaway i didnt care if i got stunk and died i tryed my best to not get stunk and save the baby tree but i had to run to the big tree before they got to that one and killed the last one because if it dead that ment the tree was are onlything that was keeping our world alive becasue the everything around us was distroyed so i hurry up and grab the water hose turn the water high and startted soaking the tunk of the tree and branches and flying over me were the brossbread of bees termites and i was spraying as much as i can and then i started climing the branches trying to reach as far to the top of the old tree to save as much as i can

I'm hanging out with my best friend

I'm hanging out with my best friend and this man starts to pick on us and is being mean he shoves me against this house and my boyfriend is inside the house and comes to my rescue. My boyfriend threatens the man that if he lays another hand on me or bothers me and my friend he will kill him. The man backs off and we all go on about our business and he starts to approach us again and I think he is going to apologize but he says your boyfriend cares for you a lot and then he stabs me in the chest and kills me

It starts out when Mom, Dad, myself

It starts out when Mom, Dad, myself and several other people I don't know are standing on a beach. Then out of nowhere gunfire or something loud suddenly scares the crowd. I get separated from my parents and I head to the place we are staying but don't see them there. I stay there for a while until I decide to go look for them. The scene changes and I'm in a college for a visit to a campus with my choir. I'm lost and separated from everyone and thunder and lightning are booming. I panic and start crying. Then some people ask me what is going on and I told them I couldn't find my family or choir group. They said they would help me. Then the scene changes for a third and final time. I'm in my church and I see a hallway with a light on just barely showing through a crack in the door. I tell them I need to use the restroom. The restroom was down that hallway. They seemed hesitant to let me go but then they vanish. I reach the door and open it only to see a dead body of a girl. I stumbled back. She looked to have been hung and stabbed several times. I ran into the bathroom and calmed down. The lights went out. I walk out of the bathroom and back down the hall. The janitor was walking down the hallway towards me. I decided to act normal. He grabbed me and asked if I had seen anything. I lied and said no. He started dragging me back to the closet. I panicked and somehow got him to drop me. I ran into the place right behind the center for worship and I see mom and dad. I run over to them and hug them. They seemed just as relieved to see me. The janitor came over and offered to play Rock Paper Scissors with my mom. She said sure. I had a bad feeling in my gut. They played Rock Paper Scissors and she lost, paper to scissors. She laughed and said something like oh darn I lost. The janitor smirked and replied back with yes you did and he stabbed her in the heart with a pair of scissors. He shot dad point blank in the head. I called the police and they came quickly. I ran outside and the cop put me in the car and locked me in. The next thing I know there is a splatter of read and a body against the door and the man smirking at me from the church. The last thing I remember is me screaming that he was going to kill me and for backup to show up. He kills all of them then points the gun at me and a gunshot. That is the last thing I remember before I wake up.

I was with this guy, don't know

I was with this guy, don't know who he is. But he had a brother that had a gun and was trying to shoot me. He succeeded and shot me 3 times before I went under the deck. Then the place switched into being in my red shed. The guy I was with was there and same with his brother that was trying to shoot me. For some reason we turned our backs to him and the brother grabbed a glass bottle and tried to hit it over my head but the guy I was with caught him and took the bottle and threw it away. I had this dream before but the guy I was with hit it over his head and kills his own brother. For some reason, in the that time, I turn the the guy I was with and that very conversation with him, he knew I was talking about my other dream in the same dream. Then the scene changed again, and my brother was the one with the gun. I tackled him, took the gun away and carried him on my shoulders. I was crying and was yelling at my brother that he ruined our family. Then there was a plane the gun shots I had took over and I fell. The guy I was with ran to catch me and told me everything will be fine. It went black and those words echoed in my head. Then I woke up from my dream. Don't know if this helps but I am a girl.

I have had the same type of

I have had the same type of dream since I was young. It starts with me waking up, in a bed that's not mine but still familiar. A man, his face obstructed, sleeps next to me. He is warm, I feel safe near him. He wakes up and suddenly I remember why we must hide our love. It's always a different reason. But the danger remains. I try to convince him to leave, I tell him I'm not worth his death. He dismisses my fears. However soon, another man, this one dark and cold kills my love in front of me. He offers me a choice, love me or die. I would rather die than be with him. He always kills me in a horrible and painful fashion. My death always has different excuse; witch, traitor, whore. I wake up feeling my wounds.

I was a scientist and i experimented

I was a scientist and i experimented on my girlfriend because she said i wouldnt feel the same way about her if she had a twin. So i made a clone of her and proved her wrong. Then i was helping basketball players with their skills with some elixir in the locker rooms and i invited everyone to a game but before this happened this girl who used to go to our school Diamond she started some mess with some mexicans and they made a threat at me and my girlfriend got mad at me and ran away and i was trying to chase her but then she ran passed them mexicans and they shot her in the back of her neck i was crying and trying to wake her up and i started going off on the dude that shot her and then i woke up before i could do something about it.