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I have a recurring dream about a

I have a recurring dream about a house and I want to get to a lovely sunroom but I have to pass this huge lounge which is dark and makes me scared. Last night my dream was in that room and it was a lounge/bedroom. I was standing on the sofa/bed waving a duvet and looking at a clock on the wall and I was shouting loudly bring it on. Suddenly the clock started knocking against the wall and turning so fast it flew off the wall. I ran and fetched my sister shouting that she should come and see what was happening but she was very reluctant. Then she ran to the kitchen where my mom was sitting. I was crying hysterically but mom was very calm. She looked at someone behind me and said it's poltergeists, where is Nick. I woke up then.

I was in a big open vehicle

I was in a big open vehicle in a scary haunted house with a lady all dressed in black and a overweight man dressed in black trying to get me but I couldn't leave because the stairs were covered in metal spikes that would hurt my feet because I wasn't wearing shoes but then I ran up them and it didn't hurt for some reason and I jumped through boxes of pink raisin boxes through a small screen window. they put the raisin boxes there so that if one got knocked over they would know I left. But I managed to escape without knocking any over. But I don't know what happened to the rest of my family.