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I was walking through a burial ground

I was walking through a burial ground dressed in a black skirt suit. Very professional looking and carrying a brown leather brief case in one hand. The briefcase contained a loaded hand gun). No one knew what was inside the case except me. On the opposite side to where I was walking were a group of professional looking people dressed in black also. They were people of high office in the land and they were all walking and discussing important issues. We were all heading in a southern direction. I was on one street and they were on a parallel street running between the burial sites. I was walking very quickly as if on a mission. As I proceeded on, suddenly I came across an opening on the street and so I had to walk around it to contin ue on my journey.

Im in a bank, sitting at the

Im in a bank, sitting at the desk of a bank teller, its dimly lit, nearly dark and they're consulting me, furnished burgundy, brown leather and an old vintage lamp. pan out, and i see myself from afar, there is no one else around us, we're in the void. its dark, entirely dark..

Dreamed i was in a store and

Dreamed i was in a store and there was a lady that came to and ask me to hold her id now with her were two other woman i did see and the had on leather gloves in the dream now i stood where there was an atm machine then as i was in the store waitng in line there was only one line the there were two and i held the door open and let other go before me while i just stood back

I was wearing high heel and it

I was wearing high heel and it was uncomfortable.i was about to cross a bridge that time two boys with black leather jacket attack me with their nail from backside I attack them back with my heel.i saw one boy coming far in front of me.he wear colourful dress.

There was a slim person in a

There was a slim person in a leather full body morph suit moving around the room stealthily. It seemed like I wasn't supposed to see him, like I was a third person viewer. I tried to get my brother out of the room because the person was walking towards him with a knife but he got around me and killed my brother. I cried and yelled but no sound would come out.

However, the moves were dropped a week

However, the moves were dropped a week ago after intervention from Tony Abbott, the prime minister, who opposed segregation.Leather jackets, red sports cars and Ibiza chill-out playlists are no longer indicators of a male midlife crisis, as modern fortysomethings reject these clichés for the “cooler” aspects of their longforgotten youth. Nike Free Run Femme

I was in Mexico and was at

I was in Mexico and was at the beach admiring the huge huge moon. We could the craters. Then we turned and saw the sun. It was very bright. Aliens came and took someone from the beach. We went and built spaceships so we could fly to space to rescue this person who turned out to be me. I was laying in a big red n white leather chair with tvs all around. I asked the aliens if I could go pee. They said of course and showed me how to use their toilet. I started to pee and something came up to grab me. Then people were trying to rescue me and fight the alien king.