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So my girlfriend wrote in her dream

So my girlfriend wrote in her dream journal about a boy in her class confessing his love for her and saying he didnt want to be with his girlfriend but wanted to be with her. He had taken her to an old cavern with a view before doing this. Someone significant in their class as it's their good friend had then come in to see what was going on and my girlfriend had taken the hand of this boy and run away. Then later they were in class standing next to each other when her messages came on the screen and showed he had confessed his love to, displaying to all their class members.....what does this or could this mean (the less caveats the better)

In my dream, I found love of

In my dream, I found love of my life. I found the person who loves me alot and then we shared a lovely bond

Celebrity mr shahrukh khan was in my

Celebrity mr shahrukh khan was in my dream. We were walking on the beach and he told me that he love me. We were holding hands and looking in each other eyes

I was looking for a guy I

I was looking for a guy I have feelings for and I found him in a place that looked like a basement and I went up to him and as soon as we were together a girl came out of nowhere trying to fight claiming he was her boyfriend and i should leave him alone the girl left and we went out to talk a walk he was hugging me from behind while were walking and I felt safe in his arms and I told him this in the dream and a lot more like the fact that I want to feel love and protection and I don't want to fight others for his affection and he promised I won't we walked back and we met a lady who quizzed us our answers for the quiz were the same we continued walking

I was at gas station with my

I was at gas station with my friends and some other people, it looked like some trip or collective tour since we came in bus. There was this one boy, which I kind of liked, we texted and so on and so on. But it wasn't anything important nor big for me. Even when my friends asked about him I was just neutral, no big feeling, he's just okay. I don't even really know who is in reality. However, as I was talking to my father, still at the gas station, the boy I mentioned appeared from behind me and whispered "Come with me somewhere". I immediately turn red and asked in nervousity "Why?" The boy hanged his arm over me and said "I want to show you something." My eyes was terribly wide at that moment, I felt like I've known him my whole life, I felt so in love with him, even though I technically don't know him. I was just so shocked that this is the boy, that this the boy that has interest in me, that he's mine. I immediately woke up, red as a tomato even in real life, my body hot and heart pumping.

Running panicked and telling to someone that

Running panicked and telling to someone that i know i was love but i feel like everyone hates me and telling that i’m in love with one girl at that moment i finde myself in weird ciry sitting in a hole hearing scary music and feeling anxious and nervous and smelling cigarettes but i know that in my dream i’m just there with someone i can’t see and one car but in the city i can see big buildings that are in fire and the sky is red but no one is there just me and someone voices and only one car