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I was forced to get married to

I was forced to get married to a North Indian with whom I fell in love but my father got me married to him for a small work and wanted me to get divorced the next instant after the work is done. I scratch his mother's hand telling her not to do any legal divorce process. My husband hated me cuz he had someone he love. But I loved him with my whole heart and always helped him in various situations. Finally he started to have feelings for me. But in real life I'm just 18 and I don't have a husband.

Me , my mother and my friend

Me , my mother and my friend live in a tiny apartment. Eventually I and that friend fall in love with each other . We start a living relationship. We go on little dates like pizzeria and help each other during tough times

Dear Sir , I would love to

Dear Sir , I would love to know what does this dream about. Last night in the dream I was in test room . I was the test attendance . There were two of my friends talking exams. One was happy and answering every questions while the other was straggling . I took the happy man paper , he score 100%. End of dream

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Interpreting dreams Available 701 Satisfied customers Chat with a Dream Interpreter in minutes, 24/7 Talk to doctors, lawyers, vets, tech support & mechanics 12,000+ Experts from Appraisals to Zoology Pearl Wilson Pearl Wilson, Dream Interpreter's Assistant Welcome! How can I help with your dream interpretation question? You Hi. I dreamt I was in a kitchen and then this family (it felt like I knew them but also like I didn't) were leaving the house and I asked them to buy me a food I'll pay them back. When they came back the mother brought Burger King for me, she put the bag on the kitchen counter and said here's my food and that I don't need to give her money. I thanked her and she left. I don't remember if I ate the burger or not but I do remember opening it and seeing its contents, I also found another burger but didn't eat in case someone left it there for later. Fast forward I'm still in the kitchen but I'm with this dude I know in real life who I don't really like and I feel like he has feelings for me in real life and he always calls me his best friend. Anyways, I'm with him and his 2 friends in the kitchen. So his one friend is like do you like her, will you ask her out, etc probably thinking I can't hear them but I can. Then they left the kitchen and went outside to do something but I don't remember what, and I was left with the one friend. Once they left the kitchen I walked up to the other guy and we hugged in a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of way (I don't know this person in real life or in the dream but it felt like I knew him). Anyways he had his arms around my waist our bodies were touching and we were smiling, laughing and acting all lovey dovey like a cute happy couple; I won't lie real life me was actually happy, blushing and curious about the guy. We spke about how funny it was the other guys didn't know we were dating and how he thinks he has a chance with me, etc. Then we heard the other guys coming back and we quickly broke apart and then I woke up from my dream. I'm really curious about the meaning of my dream and why I'm so interested and curious about the guy I was getting cozy with and why my heart seems to beat faster as I think of him.

I saw my mother telling me how

I saw my mother telling me how we have lots of places to visit. Then I remember visiting a man whom I have never seen in real life yet is was married to with a kid probably in my dream (I never saw it in the dream nor was it mentioned I think, I just knew). We had an amazing amazing time together, the most close I've ever been to anyone I loved, it was surreal, it was the purest purest love I've ever felt. During that time, it was mentioned that I also had a relationship with my recent broken up ex, probably because the boy was only my baby daddy?? Well, we talked around, and I asked if he wants to know about the boyfriend, and he frowned, and he answered no, it's not because I want to know about him, but...and he never finished. In the end I again heard my mother telling me we have plenty of places to go to, and then I woke up. When I woke up, I couldn't remember his face, though I could see it in my dream, he kind of reminded my of my ex, but not exactly, he was different.