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i dreamt that i was swimming in

i dreamt that i was swimming in a river with very clear water with beautiful natural surroundings the water was calm and lovely some friends swam were in front of me the river suddenly became three rivers the friends took the far right one i took the left path and they followed me i had overtaken them then later a client from ethiopia came to do a deal with me he received a notification of payment in his cellphone he was so happy he paid me a thousand rand in clean bills of r50 and r100 later i gave a hundred to my late grandmother who was walking with my living mother

after a business disappointment, went to analyst

after a business disappointment, went to analyst for help could not pay,her name was susan boot she became aggressive and also other members. i was held captive by the sect ,she disappeared, i was released by the foreman before leaving i saw a gentleman about to make a speech to the sect. when i was leaving i phoned my mother. i got into a small car of one of the younger members, the door would not shut properly. we drove towards the station then we took pictures of the sky looking beautiful and dangerous. he was not allowed to listen to any modern music after he joining the sect only what he owned before. he told me gentleman belonged to another more pure sect, i could not explain to my mother when i got home, then with help of a lovely walking stick went up the stairs of my father`s old bar and saw my sister tidy up she never tidies up.