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I dreamt of cuddling my boyfriend on

I dreamt of cuddling my boyfriend on my bed and he asked me to lock the door I headed for the door and just closed. I was in my golden tazz and driving with him in the passenger seat and we stop the car to take a walk and ended up by a place similiar to a swamp, I almost sinked but he put out a long strong branch for me to hold onto, lucky I found my balance and got out of it, we then ended up in a huge shop where we started buying clothing I bought a beautiful demin handbag and two lovely dolls for my little girl! does this mean anything ?

It was his birthday and I went

It was his birthday and I went and saw his mum and was crying then she took me to his room and he was there but he was really ill and his nose was like coming off and I didn't believe Charlotte liked him and I cried and he held me then I came out and charlotte was on the stairs and I said to her "look after him he means a lot to me and you don't know how lucky you are" and them his sister said I was brave and I thought he was going to take me back but he didn't

At home with my sister, and I

At home with my sister, and I assume my mum as brother were there too. Sisters laptop does strange things which makes us go for a drive (possibly to get it fixed), while out everybody stares at us and for some reason we have instructions to go to where some girl is that we can see, she looks out of it like she's drugged and doesn't know what's going on. But all the other people around look evil and are giving us angry stares. Then a boy pops up and says "You're very lucky" to my sister ( or something along those lines), and we see why, a guy is walking from a distance and comes to us, aims his gun at my sister and I wake up! Freaked out