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Dream about living with family and my

Dream about living with family and my mom gave a way the top mattress then find myself walking the road weak and limping then saw a stranger who knew my name and saying i have have some kind of bad karma

I'm falling backwards into a cold, black

I'm falling backwards into a cold, black abyss. Then, I realize I'm dreaming, but I'm still asleep and there's pressure on my chest, pushing me back into the mattress. It recurs several times a year.

I'm falling backwards into a cold, black

I'm falling backwards into a cold, black abyss. Then, I realize I'm dreaming, but I'm still asleep and there's pressure on my chest, pushing me back into the mattress.

So there was this guy that I

So there was this guy that I used to know, we were friends. He was the best friend of one of my ex boyfriends. Anyway, last night I dreamed that he, name's Adam by the way, turned up on my doorstep asking me to hide him. So i did, I hid him in the storage area underneath our house. Then some scary men turned up and banged on the door. I refused to let them in and when they demanded I hand over Adam I pretended to not know what they were talking about. When they started describing him I was just all like "Oh yeah him, he hasn't really spoken to me since his best mate dumped me". Then when they started getting really scary (thumping fists on the door frame) I called the police. Then when the police responded, pretty quickly, they took the men away in handcuffs. Then I went back to Adam and found him curled up in a ball staring at the wall. He mumbled something about a demon and I turned around and saw it too. Then I straightened and said "I, the Descended One, command you to return to you Hellish dimension". They disappeared and I helped Adam up then out into the proper part of the house. Then he hugged me, really tightly and he said thank you. He was really dusty/dirty so I told him to have a shower. I got him like a towel and stuff as he followed me around, and then as I gave him everything and went to leave he grabbed my hand and asked me not to leave him. So i sat on the closed toilet lid looking at the mirror while he had a shower. When he was done he wrapped the towel around himself and came over to me and teasingly commented that I wasn't looking. I told him I thought he'd been through enough for one night without being watched by me. Then he got dressed and we went upstairs to the lounge room where he explained to mum and me that the men were after him because he'd stepped in and stopped them when they were trying to rape a girl. Mum said that it was time for bed and asked me to help her get some blankets and the spare mattress out for Adam. But I pointed out to her that doing that would wake up my brothers (even though after sleeping through all of that I doubt they would have been woken by something like that). So after my pointing out to mum that I have slept beside male friends and done nothing with them it was decided that Adam would sleep in my room. So we went downstairs and mum went to bed. Adam took the stuff out of his pockets and put it all on my bedside table then hopped into my bed. I got in beside him and he wrapped his arms around me after he turned out the lamp. He whispered "Thank you, I didn't really want to be alone". I replied "I know". And then I snuggled into him and we went to sleep. When I woke up in the dream he was already awake and I was still lying in his arms. He started to thank me for the night before but I put a finger on his lips and said "Don't ruin it". He smiled and just held me. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and mum came in to find me still seemingly asleep snuggled into Adam and him awake with his arm around me. She just asked how he slept and he told her fairly well and that I hadn't stirred during the night. Mum said how that was good then left. When she was gone I shared a smile with him then he leaned in slightly and kissed me! Then he whispered "I've been wanting to do that almost since I first met you". I smiled and then the dream kind of faded out.

I had this dream about one day

I had this dream about one day i went to school and only the 8th graders were there and no one else. well me and my friends were hanging out then i get a text from my boyfriend and it said " hey babe come into the s.a.c.c room, i have a surprise for you" so i go down there and there was an air mattress, candles and rose pettles leading to the air mattress. well we started to kiss then it turned into something else then i woke up

I am happily married and have a

I am happily married and have a great life.. With that said I had a dog who was in every way my best friend. She would search for me if she knew I was home but didn't see me. I put her down last Feb. it was to date the hardest broken heart to date. I dreamed of her for the first time ever last night. In my dream she was okay except had to have two legs removed in surgery. In my dream I was so angry at my husband because it wasn't his call to make. She was my dog and NO ONE ever was allowed to make decions concerning her but me. But in my dream I came home to him having made the choice to have this done vs putting her down. I woke up VERY upset. More upset at the fact that she wasn't here then anything else. When I went back to sleep I dreamt of our newest little dog that we have to help fill my dead dogs missing place... We have 2 others but the one that's gone and the one that I have had for the last 6 months are small and female.. They are "my" dogs. Anyway. After going back to sleep I went into a dream where a woman who I could see her face was telling me that it is very bad, and that she killed her. I asked if it was Rea my dog. She said no Rea had killed a cat. But Rea was in bad shape. I looked up and Rea was between to mattresses with her head cloked and at closer look her neck was slashed open but she was still alive. What could these dreams mean?

I had been kidnapped, although I didn't

I had been kidnapped, although I didn't remember it. I was in a large dome shaped wooden place, where there was a massive window that took up most of one side. We were up high, on top of a hill, and the sun was setting. I was with a crush and another girl, there were other people there too but I didn't interact with them. I knew they were friends, but during some hours of captivity the crush and I became close. We fell asleep beside each other on a blue air mattress. When I woke up, I was in a room seperate from everybody else alone with my captor. He was a man. I ran out of the room back to where everybody else was, where they were all relieved, having noticed I was gone.

Driving out of control at night in

Driving out of control at night in man goes in mailbox and gets mail out and lady looks in mailbox. As im driving down the street I used to live on i see a mattress and boxspring on the side of the road. i noticed street lights were on.