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Had a weird dream. I dreamt I

Had a weird dream. I dreamt I was at NJ school and there was a very large exploring outside the school . It was heard from miles away because people came from everywhere to look,after looking people were like it's ok we can go bk to class. But I stood up and said no it's not ok, look at all that fire coming from over there we all need to get out this place. Still they wouldn't leave so I took NJ and started running up to higher grounds up towards my house. Some other parents took their kids and left after I spoke, but as soon as we left we could see the school being engulfed in flame, people was screaming still trying to get out. I got to my house a my parents and siblings about what happened, but it was as if someone was there and they were very upset that I had warned the people at the school to leave. I went downstairs to get some water, while co!ing bk up I saw a person came in the door, only the shadow I saw on the wall. They threw a very large rock at me from the top of the stairs, this rock came with such a force and it was so huge that I knew immediately it was not a human being that held it. It was to large to hold in a person's hands. Anyway it didn't hit me so I lean forward to see who threw the rock and a very huge man was standing at the top of the stairs with another rock in his one his hand. The rock was still to big for his hand but he was holding it with just one hand. He had a look on his face like the most hate and rage I have ever seen in my life. The look that I saw paralyzed me, I could move or scream. but I was trying. he didn't try to hurt anyone else in my family, he came just for me. I woke up from my sleep and I could have heard myself still trying to scream.

I had this dream where I woke

I had this dream where I woke up in this white room. When I say white I mean that EVERYTHING WAS WHITE The floor was white, the tv was white, the nightstand was white. Anything that you could have possibly think of was white. I got out of the bed and honestly didn't care where I was tbh I was more interested in what was in this place more than how I got there. I walked around and noticed all the doors were locked so I thought "Well damn am I stuck here now?" I turned around to see this huge window that appeared out of no where I quickly ran over to see what was out there and the view was like a water floor that would spread for miles, a sunset that looked white, not normally it's orange-red ish color and just a clear white sky. but okay this is was my favorite part, at that moment I felt like someone was behind me, and I was right. It was some guy who laid on the floor kinda like a doll I guess? He wasn't moving so I walked over to him and moved his hair out of his hair out of the way and noticed that His eyes were blue. That was the first color in that dream that I saw that wasn't white

There are two huge towers of glass

There are two huge towers of glass & steel dwarfing all the other buildings for miles around... suddenly all the alarms in the city, cars, household, shops etc... go off at once and a tsunami of blood rushes through the streets destroying everything, drowning everyone. An apocalypse. A landscape of caked blood & flotsam is left as far as the eye can see, with the twin roofs tops just poking out, a single antenna pointing to heaven. It wobbles momentarily, it all sinks. The end.