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I was in a room i thought

I was in a room i thought was my health room but it felt more like a military base, i saw my boyfirend, but i ran from him and was in a room with a boy that is in my math class and i kissed him, but i was happy about it

I had a dream i was a

I had a dream i was a detective and i was married to a neighbour. I was also on a military camp and remember the lay out.

And on June 6, an air strike

And on June 6, an air strike by international military forces killed three children and injured seven in Kunar province. Air Jordan Max Fusion

I was running from a zombie horde

I was running from a zombie horde it felt like, and some foreign military was killing everyone and for my own safety i hid on the back of their boat. When we got out to the ocean we stopped at a string of small islands and in the sky there was golden flowing strands of light above the islands and stars mixed with glaxies were lighting up the islands like it was day but everything else was night even the water looked dark, and i remember it being very cold outside except when you got closer to the islands.

It's all black and white, everything. A

It's all black and white, everything. A stone sidewalk, with older cars buzzing through the streets. I look down to see polkadot fabric, and touch my hair to feel a neat up do adorning the back of my head. I'm walking down the stone sidewalk as I study the crumbling buildings around me. Suddenly I stumble upon a crowd gathered in the street. My eyes connect with a man across the way. Everything is black and white, except the mans red badge around his military jackets left arm, and his crimson red hat. He smiles and comes towards me. He begins to speak, but I can never quite catch what he's saying. His lips don't match any English words, and no matter how much I concentrate I can't quite make out the robotic, hushed English that fills my head. He suddenly grows flustered with me and storms off away and that's when I wake up, feeling depressed for weeks.

I dreamed that I visited a legoland

I dreamed that I visited a legoland theme park with members of a youth cult that I was traveling with. It must have been in California cause the weather was nice. They had a new zombie section where you could dress up in Legos and look like a zombie. I was really proud of the way I looked and kept trying to take a selfie with the Lego sign behind me, to use as my FB picture come Halloween, but the zombie parade kept coming by and I couldn't get a clear shot. I thought, "I wonder if all these kids who work at legoland go to school or is this a full time job." Then I realized that the reason I couldn't get a good selfie pic was because my phone was full of pics I had secretly taken the night before of the cult performing their cult antics around the campfire. But I really wanted that selfie. While I was busy deleting pics from my phone, all the other cult members moved on and I got separated from them. I missed the bus. I was walking back thru the Olde English Village section thinking now what do I do? I saw an office with somebody sitting in it. They were reading manually labeled "Military and Other Special Guests." I was afraid to ask their help because I was no military. But I was special. I still had on the zombie Legos and didn't know where to go or what to do. I felt lonely and tired.

My dream felt really real. It felt

My dream felt really real. It felt like that was reality. This is all in the dream, but I woke up at 6:40 like usual, and I went to school after eating and getting ready. I had a science test, and thankfully, I aced it. Then, I went home and I played a game that was based on a very popular anime; Shingeki No Kyojin, or Attack on Titan. I played for hours and hours, but when I was done, I took my headset off and the ground was vibrating and there was a loud bang everywhere. I went outside of my room and my family was panicking. They were packing and screaming and running around. However, our roof was torn off and there was a titan. It was grinning and smiling, It ate my family. After, just like Eren Jaeger in SNK, I went to the military corps to train, and once I was done, I was killing titans everyday. Then, I woke up and I actually aced my science test just now.

I had a dream that a woman

I had a dream that a woman was giving military secrets to a man as they walked down some stairs