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I had a dream of a friend

I had a dream of a friend who recently passed away from a rare cancer. She was nude and much younger in my dream and she was cleaning my nipple which had this brown stuff around it. It was not a sexual dream she was helping me. Then she turned into a different person.

About 30 yrs ago I dreamed my

About 30 yrs ago I dreamed my boyfriend, later my husband and daughter's father, was lying on the floor nude with arms and legs lifted up. On his balls he had nipples and I asked "What is that?" He told me they were from when he was a wolf and suckled his young. Those were his exact words I remember them and the dream to this day. Like many dreams that live with me always.":

I have been having the most random

I have been having the most random dreams lately. This one in particular. I was escaping from being captured and going to jail for something. All the while collecting pokemon cards. Yes I'm surr they were pokemon cards. Then I was caught and sent to jail where I escaped from jail and ran off where I met up with my grandma and her sister. Her sister was singing in Lebanese, and the song was about how the woman wanted to get her nipples sucked. Then we were driving and my grandmother started to drift off the road and we started to go over when it flashed us back to safety but there was still the accident but we weren't apart of it. We picked uo the few people that were going to be getting a ride with us to the hospital as one of their friends was injured in this accident. At this pointI realized we had traveled back in time to the start of someone famous' career. My brain recognized them as Led Zepplin. Then I woke up.

Piercings were ripping out if my body.

Piercings were ripping out if my body. Nipple piercing had lodged under my skin and was up by my heart. Had loads of holes in my skin.