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We were at our church. The preacher

We were at our church. The preacher was getting ready for the ceremony. He had a cage full of hamsters feeding greedily on amphetachow and ten cardboard toilet paper tubes lubed up and ready to go. The senior members of the congregation had already lined up, dropped their pants, and bent over. Just as the preacher was about to insert the first hamster an eagle swooped down and snatched it away as the congregation screamed in horror.

My coven was preparing for the May

My coven was preparing for the May Day ritual but we ran out of astroglide and had to use coconut oil instead and it was really stinky. Still really fun though...

I was with my wife at the

I was with my wife at the shop it was late in the evening, we bought two ice cream and packet of mosquito coil and the shop owner tell us that we shot with 1 rand then my wife took mosquito coil and take one from the packet without the shop ownwer notice, then she bring it back and take ice cream then the shop owner wanted to fight her i then come and stop the fight immediately she left and went outside and i went to the shop to take the stuff bought then when i go outside i couldnt find her i felt pain thinking she's lost