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I was back in time to an

I was back in time to an old house I lived in and there was a tree burning in the corner

Arguing with a lot women of in

Arguing with a lot women of in my old house and my dead brother was helping me albulance was try ing to lock me up

In my old house there was a

In my old house there was a large window that you could see the driveway through. In the driveway I had three cars. Every time I have this dream it is night time. There is a group of hooded people in dark robes and I can't see their faces. At first they don't notice me but if I make an effort to attack them, they come toward me and shoot with guns. I was standing in my living room and they were shooting at me through the window. I got on the ground and they continued to shoot and I felt heat in my head. Soon they stopped, but every time they noticed me they would start shooting me again. My dad was also in the dream but they weren't trying to attack him like they attacked me. Throughout the entire dream, I could not see the faces on the hooded figures.

Me and some other people were trying

Me and some other people were trying to get away from something (I’m not sure what). We were hitchhiking and hiding out at abandoned houses and churches. I remember being afraid of everything, even things I’m not usually afraid of. For example, one night we were in an old house and there was a really bad thunderstorm. I’m not usually afraid of storms but I was terrified in the moment.

I was in my grandmothers old house.

I was in my grandmothers old house. the lights wouldnt turn on, it was kinda scary. i go upstairs and someone have covered a light switch. the house was scary. i walk down and see my brother as a younger person before he died sitting in the recliner. at one point in the dream i am wrestling with a cat. the cat is trying to bite me and is very strong. i realize its not even my cat. it was supossed to have been a cat i had once in my lifetime and i even called it by name and realized it wasnt that cat when it was attacking me.i walk down and i see nurses over a bed with my son in it who is 9. then i see a baby crawling toward me and thought it was a ghost baby and started saying i found my baby. the nurses take the baby and say i stole another mans baby and say your son is right here and point to the child in the bed. i panic and start running because in the dream in my mind i think they are going to commit me. i run into a room and see my dad he is in the bed listening to headphones. i jump in bed with him. he was paralyzed which in real life he was. but then in walks his ghost from when he used to be able to walk and has something in his hands he is trying to show me. i start kicking at him and get woke up because someone wakes me up because i am screaming in real life while asleep.

I was a passenger in the back

I was a passenger in the back seat of my friend and her families car. They were giving me a ride to my house. As I got out of the car and started walking to the house I realized that the place I was going to no longer existed because it was my old house that had gotten knocked down and I did have a house across town. It was a raining so I ran back across the street to get back in the passenger side of the car and told them I had forgotten where I lived. Then they began to drive me home.

I was in an old house walking

I was in an old house walking thru the rooms. The house was empty, yet I felt i was being watched. There were beautiful, old works of art scattered around, yet each one seemed alive watching me. After a while I went into a smaller room to find an ornament hanging in the chimney. It was a glass case with the head of a baby inside, but as I looked, the eye sockets were empty. One eye burned blue in the middle of it's skull, & as it saw me approach, the head swivelled round to reveal a distorted face with a mouth uttering strange noises like shrieks. It seemed to want to burst out of it's glass case to join me, but was not fully developed. very disquieting . at that point I woke up fortunately! any ideas?

Softball team at my house on fourth

Softball team at my house on fourth of july for a fundraising cookout. At my old house but my new family lives there. lots of fireworks but cops at the corners of the block and they look mad

Living in an old house with a

Living in an old house with a tall dark haired man who had a baby boy. I was involved with him. Baby skin changed colour as he was a shape shifter like his father. Baby crawling on glass roof and about to fall off but rescued by father. Young blonde haired boy had killed my family. I questioned him but I felt sorry for him. Took him to an adoption centre in a shopping centre. Couldn't leave him but returned later after talking to him and crying, encouraged to leave whilst he was distracted. My ex partner followed me, took me for a drink and started talking about us. I was trying to make my sadness obvious so he could ask me what was wrong