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I was in a family. There was

I was in a family. There was something wrong with us. We could only speak with certain family members at a time. If we spoke with another family member another one would go ballistic. We were talking about going to the CDC. The mother was the worst. The father got tranquilizers and he told me I had to hold her down. As we started to go down to the basement she knew what I was doing. As I jumped on her she burned me in the armpit with her cigarette. The father jabbed her with the first needle in her neck with something yellow. Then in her hand with something red. Then her forehead with something purple. She was paralyzed and we shoved her into a container and run up the basement and slammed the door. Then I woke up.

I lived in a shut-in society. It

I lived in a shut-in society. It had walls a few stories high and had a magical protective dome around it. The people inside grew up to believe that the outside world contained only death and destruction. That it was a barren wasteland (not that any of us ever saw it). One day, I was going to a friend's workplace to hang out with them while they were on break. We were laughing and joking around until we had strayed too far from the workplace and came upon the wall. I always avoided the wall because it had a deep, sinister look to it, but today I was struck with a deep curiosity. Nobody went to the top of that wall; nobody looked outside. But I wanted to. So I scaled the wall until I came to the top of it. I looked down and saw that there were trees turning the color of autumn, patches of grass upon the ground. And I saw a movement. There was a creature scurrying through the brush, its red coat popping out against the dull surrounding. It was a fox. It stopped and stared up at me with its beady eyes full of wisdom and sadness and then it ran and disappeared. Something about the fox made me want to reach out to that world. So I did. I brought my hand forward. When I did...it touched the dome and made a tiny hole where my finger went through. I waited to see if it would close up, but it didn't. Thinking I would get into trouble, I quickly got down from the wall and I never told anyone what happened up there. Later that week...people started dropping dead for no reason. Hours after they "died", their skin would turn purple, blue, and black. Their eyes would sink into their flesh and leave black pits. Anyone who came near those people would die too. I didn't understand what was happening until I observed it happening. There was a mist. It was a type of creature that didn't have a physical body It would enter through people's mouths while they were unaware and then it would paralyze its victims so they appeared dead, then after a few hours it would start sucking the life from them, sucking as much nutrients from the body until the people actually died. The mist got to my mother and my grandmother. I tried to save them. Their lips were starting to turn blue as the mist creature was already starting to drain the life from my family members. I did something insane. I pressed my mouth against their lips, and the creatures, seeing an easy victim, transferred from their body to mine. The first creature that invaded hurt a lot and felt like I was suffocating. Somehow I managed to be able to semi-function though. And then I got the second creature to fall for my plan. By then, I was in utter agony. But I could still move. I was somehow immune to whatever they did to paralyze their victims. I'm sure the creatures didn't know, or else they would've tried to get out. I called an emergency line to make sure that people would come to rescue my mom and grandmother and then I ran. I ran away from everyone and everything in a blind hurry to get those creatures inside of me as far away from everyone as I possibly could. The sheer power of my will drove me, because the pain was my entire world in that moment. But...for some reason, I kept thinking back to the fox as I was realizing my doom. Something about it bothered me. Something about it was just...off. I don't remember what happened after that thought because I was in too much pain. Then I woke up.