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I was sitting with A (my classmate

I was sitting with A (my classmate who was my friend years ago but transfered and now we don't talk anymore. He seems a bit similar by facial features to me I guess, I'm not sure). The guy I like S was sitting in the same row as me but right at the back. I suddenly got up and went outside. It was independence day and I picked up some flags from outside, however when I came inside they became tissues. And I distributed it among everyone. When I went to S I was a little nervous and thinking the he's similar to my friend W I got sad but anyways he asked me to give me tissues for his friends N as well (he's close with him). In this whole scene, it was white or off-white. Scene changed and we went to a room to get pictures. However, before that A asked me to wear a saari next day and I remembered it's farewell, but I didn't like it. Here the scene was silver or light grey. Next we went to a dark room to click pictures. I saw S as I was sitting but chose not to sit next to him. My mum was there and she gave me my phone which she is not allowed to and she got scolded by a sir due to it. Next due to something S and a guy in between X who in my dream was my friend whereas in reality X is not someone I know. Anyways S told X that I get good marks in English due to my mum being a teacher in the same school. X asked me and I cleared everything out and was kinda angry at S. S gave a sarcastic smile but in my dream I felt he was jealous cause A asked me out for farewell indirectly. Herethescenewasdark incolour. Whatcouldthisdream possiblyindicate ?

My brother tries to contact me over

My brother tries to contact me over phone but we were not able to talk due to some network issues and it strains my relationship with him

In the dream so I was going

In the dream so I was going out at isiokolo, I saw one of my late aunt with her child so I decided to go and meet her and greet her when I got there at the roundabout side I greeted her but the child refuse to let go of me that I must carry him and go to where I was going but I refuse instead I ask the mom if there is anybody in the house so I will drop him there to play since their house is close to the agbon secondary school. I carried the child at my back, as I was going after passing a spot where police were standing nor far from their street, some guys were following us sha and my instinct already told me that those people aren't nice. So I hasten my legs but wasn't fast enough and they caught me. They where like I should bring out my phone for money. I said I don't have money that they sent me message but I branch my aunt side to greet her and the son refuse to let go that's why I'm taking the child to the house so I will take keke to ughelli that I'm going. The guys refuse to hear, my aunty so now came into the matter and was still telling same thing to the guys but they still refuse. They kept on saying I should bring the money but I was still explaining to them, the next thing I saw was something that look like Cain that the guy use and hit me. He was just hitting me and I was just shouting. Guess what, the place all this are happening wasn't far from where the police were standing but they didn't come that was where I woke up this morning to pray

I was at my grandmas house on

I was at my grandmas house on my moms side of the family but no one there I knew it was just random people it was late there were different types of snakes everywhere but someone was after me and I didn’t know who but the random people that were there for some reason I cared for them and wanted to help them while still trying to help myself everytime I encountered a snake it never harmed me but I was still scared I remember at one point I had my phone in my hand and dropped it because I was face to face with a snake when I ran I dropped my phone when I went back to find my phone it was just nowhere to be found it felt like everytime I was out of harms way another snake would appear from nowhere whoever or whatever that was trying to get me never did but what does this dream mean

First, I was driving on the phone

First, I was driving on the phone with my boyfriend then I got into a car accident. I tried to call my mom. I tried to call my dad, they didn't pick up. My boyfriend came and got me and I took my car to uncle's car shop. My cousin called and said she needed me to come get her so, I asked my boyfriend if it was play and he said yea. So, we went and got her and then we went to my aunt's house to see our little cousins. After awhile, it was late so we left. My boyfriend took me home and I was talking to my mom and explained all that happened and she said she would handle my car and told me "You should go with your boyfriend" so, I said okay and me and my cousin got back into his car. We went and dropped my cousin off and then went to his friends house where I met his friends, One girl seemed to have a problem with me and went to tell my boyfriend something then he got upset then, she came back to me being rude and I said I was ready to go. So, we left got to his house and went to sleep. The next morning he said his friends wanted to go to a pumpkin patch so we put on matching outfits then we left, while we were at the pumpkin patch the same rude girl kept flirting with him which I thought was disrespectful so, I told her I wanted to fight. Then we left the pumpkin patch and went somewhere where we could fight and we fought. The other girl stopped us and I looked at my boyfriends friend and his hair was dissappearing then he had the oxygen tubes in his nose and said "I have cancer" so I rushed and helped him to the car and was trying to get my boyfriend to come on but it was like he couldn't hear me. Then his friend with cancer started to drive the car himself so he could get to the hospital and I tried to stop him but it didn't work. Then everybody came over asking what happened and we all got in the car trying to follow him to the hospital but on our way we saw my boyfriend's car crashed in to a tree and I got out and ran to the car then I woke up

I saw an apple and a pomegranate

I saw an apple and a pomegranate and a guava on a same branch. On floor I saw there muddy water and there was a coin in slippery mud I took it and I washed it in a muddy water and then there was my cousin wearing white she had a bottle in her hand she spills water and I wash my hands again. We walked and I tapped on her shoulder she looks at me with anger I said I didn't put mud on your dupatta I didn't there were stains already. That was a place where were many people it was a shrine I asked my cousin to take out her phone and capture photos she nodded but didn't and she got disappeared in a crowd there was another girl I asked her If I accompany with her she agreed then we walked. I guess I was in India and I was asking my mother that where are my clothes and I need a hair cut here. My mother is from India and we went India twice.

My name is Imieh Justice Gerald I

My name is Imieh Justice Gerald I had a dream on 9/01/2018, in the dream I was set to travel overseas (UK to be precise) I was at the airport and I entered the automated human scanner holding only a phone which I dropped in a rubber pale and passed through the scanner. I passed through the scanner but could not go over to where the rubber pale took my phone which was on the other side. I could see but couldn’t reach to the other side where am to board. Suddenly I found myself in a hospital, so I began to roam around the hospital to find the way to the other side where am to board my ticket. While I roamed I came across a section where everyone there was an albino, as I walked on I entered a morgue where they kept dead albinos. At the tail end of the morgue was a door that led to a boy’s only secondary school, I took the door out of the hospital and was in the school classroom area. While standing out confused I suddenly noticed I was in front of the automated scanner where I started earlier. This time I saw an old school buddy whose name is Michael Aiyegbusi, I told him my ordeal, how I was supposed to travel, needed to pass the scanner to the other side, losing my phone in the process, other details I mentioned earlier and also as my flight might took off already Suddenly the scanner was now on a higher ground, I was looking up to it and was no longer on the level I was. There was then a stair on my level where I could climb to reach for a small narrow window sized opening which was under the automated scanner. I took that path in and I as i was under at this time Mike had already passed the automated scanner and I was looking to him up. Then he spoke to me to jump so he could help me up but I could not jump high enough. Then I continued on the path underneath which was a much longer route for me to the other side where the airport was. Then I finally reached him at the other side at the airport, he consoled me while I pant, then I woke up. The most thing unique about this dream is i usually don’t remember my dreams. I only have the knowledge that I dreamt. But When I woke up after this I remembered it in full detail and a voice spoke out, the voice was so clear “Write it down!!” With sleepy eyes I wrote it down. I have so far not shared this with anyone.

I dream with Persephone and Hades, they

I dream with Persephone and Hades, they were running around an old castle ruin as mortals, for a long time I didn't knew it was them until they called each others names, they were grieving the fact they couldn't be together.

Dreamed there were young guys trying to

Dreamed there were young guys trying to break into my home through the windows and doors. My youngest daughter and I were the only ones trying to fight them off. My son was playing video games and my husband was just watching tv. We tried calling 911 but we could never get the phone to work