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I was at a friends house then

I was at a friends house then got on the bed with a bunch of pillows and he told me not to get on the bed and then we were outside and I seen a dog and he told the dog to turn into a piece of gum.. of I walk down the street to see my car the right door was opened by itself and then the left doors open the dog came running towards the car to jump in the trunk where there was a helmet with some glass in it when I got in the car the car completely turn around and repositioned itself

I was laying in the bed sleeping

I was laying in the bed sleeping and I looked over there was a man in my bed in the middle and my boyfriend was on the other side the man in the middle was a stranger I did not know who he was but I know he was a foreigner, he began to talk to my boyfriend about how he neglect me and mistreat me, so my boyfriend got up and reach under his pillow and pulled out some shades to put on his eyes and began to walk away then the dream went to me seeing two couples coming out of the rooms in the house looking.