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Weird dream I'm stuck in 1950's America

Weird dream I'm stuck in 1950's America with a band of well-dressed misfit college students. The group roams the dry, desolate earth during what seems to be the end of the world. We're staying at an abandoned gas station with a broken down car wash and an old barn/church building. Time lapse I'm with the young ladies of the church/barn at a youth meeting and I feel my stomach rumble. Because of this the older lady leading the group made me do what she called a pregnancy test in front of everyone. This involved taking a bottle of my urine and pouring it over a piece of sliced ham and adding chemicals. I remember thinking "I don't need to worry about hiding anything in front of them, this is a place I can be honest". Time lapse Of course, like any weird plot, I am pregnant but this youth leader in all of her "medical wisdom" says I'm too weak physically to have the child. The solution she came up with was to take it out and put in in my dad (who was somehow there) for the remainder of gestation and then cut it out of him. Time lapse So we try this procedure and my dad is pregnant with my (and heaven knows who's) child. Time lapse Somehow (I'm assuming something went wrong with the leader's terrible medical plan) I'm the one who's pregnant again. Time lapse Though I can't remember seeing the actual event, I'm crying because I lost the baby because my body was too weak to handle it. Time lapse I'm sitting on the curb of the gas station playing with the dry dirt under my feet and contemplate going into the barn and being with people or staying where I am alone with my emotions, hoping someone will reach out and be with me Alarm clock goes off and ends the dream

I am waiting in a shelter outside

I am waiting in a shelter outside a shopping centre when I leave to go to the bathroom and leave behind my handbag. On returning I see a young woman walking quickly away from the shelter and I think my bag has been taken. However my bag is still there but the purse has been taken and the handbag is full of denture cleaning tablets. Next I am with my husband who died around 6 years ago and we see the young woman arrive at the car park with a friend and when they leave the car my husband tells me to get the number plate number but the bonnet of the car is covered with a sheet or a blanket thrown over it and covering the plate. I check the back of the car and the number plate is showing odd symbols, not numbers or letters. I dont understand these symbols and tell my husband I dont know what these mean.

Bad police surround my lover in a

Bad police surround my lover in a public park. At first, I am helpless. I wait with a sympathetic park security guard, along with my infant daughter. When I hear shots fired, I know he is dead. But then I change my dream. I leave the baby with the guard with instructions in case I don't return. I go with a knife.I am a Native American. I hunt. I kill the bad guys and save my lover. Then, we are doing al these things to escape to Mexico. We throw away our cellphones. We get all the money we can. We switch licence plates several times. We throw the knife and guns and other evidence in the river. We are using an obscure route to drive on. Once we get there, we go to live on the coast. Very worried about how we will make money to live off of.