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Last night I had a dream that

Last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with a bunch of old friends and my stepson happen to be there, why I have no clue! But anyways we were all just chilling in this room and my stepson came up to me and asked, " we going to make this happen or what?" I replied hell yes, grabbing him by the shirt pulling him closer as we began to make out. He was slowly working his way down my neck to my chest, right as he started grabbing, licking, and sucking on my breasts, my eyes just started rolling back in pleasure. Which I think right at that point is when I realized oh shit what the hell is going on?? What am I doing?? And then I woke up!! Please help me better understand why in the world I'd dream of such a thing! Thanks!

I am in mountains. I get inside

I am in mountains. I get inside a house, meet my friend. I go to his bedroom to poop. Someone is knocking on my door. It is the hollywood actor. I let him in and go back into the bathroom to wash my hands. I get back into the room. I hear scratching. I open the door. A cat comes in. I take of my shirt, socks and pants and lie on to the bed. I sleep for a minute. I wake up. My crush is next to me. We talk. She climbs up on to me. My penis gets erected. She says that I could now say we are dating. We have sex. First I cant pleasure her. But then I get to it. It feels good for both of us. I ejeculate. I give oral sex to her. Then we just lie there. The whole thing was seen by the actor. He masturbated. But nobody cares. I get up and call my friend to talk to him about my relationship.

I fell asleep and dreamed that I

I fell asleep and dreamed that I was a frog human. I went to the watering hole on the top story in my frog castle to relax in a pool of water and eat flies but a monkey human was hiding in the water. I was a bit drunk for some reason and apparently still a virgin cause the monkey human raped me. In my dream I said, "I realized later he hadn't been entirely successful because he never broke the hymen" (Ew). It was as if I were recounting events to someone. The monkey was later in my kitchen and told me that he was a she him and hadn't got pregnant as expected. I told it that it wasn't nice to use diet coke as a tool for sex. I thought I was a virgin? We didn't discuss diet coke for pleasure. I felt sorry for it. Then someone knocked at my door and I was in my apartment and human again. The man was knocking on all doors but came back to me and kissed me. Then Miranda showed up and I said I was getting drunk.