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Had to pee at work. I left

Had to pee at work. I left work for privacy and first went to urinate in the private bathroom which wound up being located under my grandmother stairs. Then I was urinating in an underground toilet at a grocery store. Everyone could see me trying to pee, but not my private parts. However I couldn't pee. I could only pee when I had my pants on. So I put my pants back on and peed in my pants. My brother then met me and took me home to change my clothes. At home a secret meeting of dangerous people was taking place. I quickly got changed and started spying on them. I was almost caught looking in one of their bedrooms. I was once again in my grandmother's house. But then I popped into the bathroom and came out, acting as if I had been in the bathroom the whole time. A part started downstairs and I got dressed. I came to the rescue of a friend and sent her home. Meanwhile I tried charming one of the coherts but was unsuccessful.

At first i was part of a

At first i was part of a aucapella group and we were going to preform but the crowd kept talk so they sent us away until colton who was in the front row watch came up and felt all of our calves and said he was watching the hogle parade. I smiled cause i knew he was kidding but i was also confused. Then he says he wants to see us preform. So they let us preform but after that my enemies ( i wasn't human and i had wings) Kiddnapped colton and bryken. I went and saved them And brought them back to my house. While colton was captured the bad guys told him about greg (a boy who was also my species that is hunted by the government. We kind of have a thing going). Colton didn't tell me about it. I told him he needed to stay here to help me write my book. He agreed. I figured out that colton really liked it when i touched his face. So i got him to watch bryken for me by puting my hand on his face and saying please. He did it. Next I wanted him to not ask me about what i was so i tapped his chin and he looked down at me and saaid he wouldn't but he wanted to talk later i agreed. When ever i told colton to do something it was always because i had to go out of the house for awhile to hunt the bad guys. I came back and colton was waiting for me. He had planned on asking me about greg and telling me that he wasn't going to stick around and be hurt. But instead he said he had been reading my story books from a kid (my story books were about my race). I looked at the book he had been reading and went over to where i kept my kids books. I franticly tried to find the rest of the books, but they weren't there. I looked over at colton and he randomly said that we should have our first kiss. I looked at him weird and he said oh did i just say that out loud. He then started mumbling something about his mom. I wrote it off as weird and went back to the problem at hand. I started to become upset because this meant that the government had been here and it was a warning. I also found a wing cutter in there. I gasped and felt the pain of what it would feel like if it was ever used on me. Colton started coming towards me but i told him to stay back. He stopped and i told him that i could never tell him what i was, because if i did they would hurt me really bad. I didn't tell him that they would also kill him. I was cry as i told him all this by the way. Colton starts silently crying, he turns his back and says he was trying hard to hold it together for me. He sat down on this bench thing. I stood up and went over to him and kissed his cheek. He looked dazed and put his hand to his face. I showed him this glowing leaf thing and he picked it up. I then gasped because i remember that those are strong with my scent. I said oh crap and put it back in the box. I then told him that he was going to have to touch me alot now so that we could mask the sent with my normal sent. I then edited what i said by saying but don't you dare touch me in weird places. He said he was fine with that. He put his arm around my shoulders and leaned his head on my head. We went and watched movies for a minute until my mom said that she had a lead on where greg was. I told colton that i had to go but that i would be back later. He nodded. I gave him a hug and then left. Anyway i donkt remember much about my greg mission but i know that we didn't find him. We got home and the front door was wide open. I rushed inside and saw colton dead on the floor. I saw a government person standing there 2. I attacked him. He tried to get away but i held his face and killed him with my powers. I then went over to colton and plopped down next to his lifeless body. My mom quietly said that we should burry him. I coldly said no, that he wasn't dead. My mom tried to reason with me but i cut her off, no he's not dead. I teliported colton into the white room at the end of the hall and then my self. I tried to heal him with my powers but it didn't work. I became hysterical. I was able to heal the cut on his face and the knife wound in his side but i couldn't get his heart to start up. My mom came again (and btw this lady was my mom but not my mom in real life) and said that we should burry him. I screamed no and put my hands on his chest and tried with all my might to heal him. My mom tried to come in but i threw up a barrier so that she couldn't come it. I laid my head down on his chest and put my hands on both side and kept trying to heal him. I was screaming at him that he wasn't dead and things like that. I fell asleep, in the morning colton woke up really confused. He sat up a little bit and saw that i was laying on his chest with my hands pressed down. He looked at the door and saw a purple shimmer and became even more confused. He didn't remember having me in his bed or even going to bed. My mom stood in the door way. She told him to turn on the tv and watch the security tape from last night. She had edited so that he just had to push play and it would switch cameras to what ever room i was in. He pushed play and watch ed as i came into the house, he watched me kill that guy then my denial in the living room. He saw me teliport his body then my self in the room. Then he saw me fractically trying to fix him. He saw me heal his surface wounds then he saw me trying to start his heart. He saw my mom try to come in to take him away then how i threw up a barrier to stop her. He saw me lay on his chest and try with all my might to fix him. He saw me cry as i was trying to do this until i fell asleep. After about 5 minutes of me sleeping. My hand started to glow until they were so bright that the camera screen just showed white. Then it dimmed and fade until there was only a soft glow. And eventuly that fade to. He switch off the tv and looked over at my mom. She said she would give us some privacy. She left. Colton looked down at me and started stroking my hair and softly calling my name. I heard him and started to stir a little bit. i opened my eyes and blinked a few times. I had very sleepy eyes. I eyes got wide though when i saw colton. I tentively reached up and touched his face. I said his name softly with surprise then i wrapped my arms around his neck and helding him tightly. He wrapped his arms around me and we stayed like that for a second. Then he said kelsey look at me. So i did, there were silent tears of joy in my eys and on my cheeks. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I smiled at him the leaned in and kissed him for real on the lips. After that i rested my forehead on his and closed my eyes. His were open and he stared at my content face. He smiled slightly. I then layed back down on his chest listened to his heart beat. He asked what i was doing. I said that i was listening to his heart beat. I went back to sleep and he whispered thank you for saving my life.