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I dreamt gypsys had stolen my two

I dreamt gypsys had stolen my two puppies to kill them and I was frantically running to get them, they killed one and I managed to save the other, then they gypsy asked me to get into a white van where I was sure they were going to murder me. Further on I was sat in the bingo hall near my house when I noticed the numbers s were becoming all fuzzy and the book wasn't right. One of the gypsyies was working at the bingo and when I went to the toilet, they burst out of a cubicle, stabbed me in the chest and ran off with something that was embedded in my chest, not my heart. I ran after them, bleeding and caught them and got back this amulet an placed it back in my chest, nearly dieting my partner entered my dream and helped me sow my chest back together. I recovered. And as I was recovering in my bed, I woke up from my dream lay in the position I was in, in my dream.

I dreamed I had 2 sweet Rottweiler

I dreamed I had 2 sweet Rottweiler puppies and I took them outside to use the bathroom. I was also feeding my cats and the puppies got along great with them...even sharing the cat food with them. I remember thinking that when they grow up the would really be able to protect me. Then all of a sudden a lanky, long haired evil gray dog with yellow eyes jumped up on the rail of my deck and he was in a crouched position. He looked me straight in the eyes and I somehow knew him and knew he was evil. I felt like I had dealt with him before. He bared his teeth and I was scared but I shooed him away by stomping my foot and using my hands. It worked and he ran off. I just can't shake the feeling I got when he looked me straight in my eyes.

I was at work, it was nighttime

I was at work, it was nighttime so i then the lights went out. I opened the door to let light in. As i opened door, it was pure darkness, no lights from cars, no streetlights, no moonlight, no moon. Total darkness. I couldnt see my hand infront of me, i could hear people about, but faint sounds. There was no wind, sound or noise whatsoever. I panicked and said "oh my god, my son"! (Who is 23) And then i said "my girls, (i have 3 puppies)are home alone, in the dark left to fend for themselves.