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In my dream, I was walking to

In my dream, I was walking to Edwan's house. There was also a white car in their yard; it was Ruwayda's mom's car, and she and someone else were in the car talking. He was a guy, but I didn't know his name, and I didn't care, so I went inside to see him just to hear from the people who live there that he wasn't home. He and Lago and someone else went to some place I never heard of. I was bumped out because I had to walk all this way. So I wanted to go back home, but the lady in his wouldn't let me leave until she gave me something to eat.I appreciated her off and sat down and waited, but she realized that there wasn't any food in the house. Then I told her it was okay and that I would eat home. She told me to sit there and wait while she was going to the shop. I abled and sat down, and when she left, I started wondering why Ruwayda was here and in her mom's car with someone I don't even know. They both don't even live here. I started getting suspicious, but I never got to the answer. A little while after that, I sat bored on the wooden chair by the window, then I decided to peek out the window to see if they were still talking or something, and they weren't; they were having sex in her mom's car with a blanket covering their lower waist. Ruwayda is my ex, so I couldn't give a fuck. A While later I wondered in the house for Little that house was bigger than I actually was from the inside, but I didn't notice a few things that also happened, but I can't remember what. After a while, Edwan's aunty, sister ELA, came and made me something to eat. I said thank you and wanted to leave. When I opened that white painted wooden door and put my feet outside, an older lady who is very old and also somewhat family of Edwan yelled at me because I'm leaving the gate that I never came in through, then she started babbling about her mother always closing her gate, then very hesitantly I abilged and went over to close the gate, then suddenly there was another gate that I had left open, so I closed that and left. After that, the next dream appeared where I was in EPD class, laying my head down on the table as I rarely do in real life, and I started to stand up because Our teacher wants to tell us something, and before I got the chance to walk over to him, Tristan started loudly talking to Ruwayda, who is outside our classes. Still in her mom's car, I'm a little confused but still giving little fucks. He started telling her I wasn't always so quiet and awkward and that when I used to hear music and lay my head down on the table, I would jump up and start dancing. While I listened to this, I couldn't help but give a smirk to that statement, but the thing is that it never happened in real life. So things started to change in the dream, and we just came from a teacher's award ceremony, and our EPD class teacher won and was walking happily in line with us. His walking was very funny, so I decided to walk just like him. After that, we got to class, and the teacher handed out more work for us to do. After that, things got blurry, and I woke up.

Well in the beggining, I was in

Well in the beggining, I was in the top of balcony near coast completly alone, so I went down the cobblestone steps surrounded by beautiful summer houses full of plants, until I got all the way down to the beach. Then I emerged on a wide promenade along the very edge of the beautiful sea. The promenade was more or less deserted, but I noticed some groups of young people talking to each other and I suddenly felt sad because I remembered that I was alone. Until suddenly, out of nowhere, a beautiful blonde girl approached me with the friendly intention of hanging out. Suddenly I didn't feel so alone and I was happy. We had a little walk, talking a bit with each other. I didn't even manage to ask her name. Then I woke up and felt a kind of sadness. That's my whole dream in a nutshell. Even I managed to notice a lot of symbolism in this dream. So hope you can help me even more to understand the meaning of my dream. Thank you.

I had a dream in the early

I had a dream in the early morning about a high tide drenching my feet upto knee in which i was 100 feet away from sea and in high spot on sand then the sea goes inside about 50 feet from normal condition and the sea shore looks like a fort constructed on the sea shore some one rushing to see the sea going inside and i was rushing to her to save her suddenly Tsunami waves rising about 50 feet. myself and some peoples trying to grab the wooden pillars to save ourselves just that i remember, what does it say ?

I saw my mother telling me how

I saw my mother telling me how we have lots of places to visit. Then I remember visiting a man whom I have never seen in real life yet is was married to with a kid probably in my dream (I never saw it in the dream nor was it mentioned I think, I just knew). We had an amazing amazing time together, the most close I've ever been to anyone I loved, it was surreal, it was the purest purest love I've ever felt. During that time, it was mentioned that I also had a relationship with my recent broken up ex, probably because the boy was only my baby daddy?? Well, we talked around, and I asked if he wants to know about the boyfriend, and he frowned, and he answered no, it's not because I want to know about him, but...and he never finished. In the end I again heard my mother telling me we have plenty of places to go to, and then I woke up. When I woke up, I couldn't remember his face, though I could see it in my dream, he kind of reminded my of my ex, but not exactly, he was different.

So I had a weird dream about

So I had a weird dream about my boyfriend. There was a hallway that seemed like it went on forever and I felt this sense of urgency. I was running down the hall checking every single door. Panic was setting in. I went up to the next floor then the next one and again until I was on something like 37. I remember thinking "it's above me!" So for some odd reason, I went out the window standing on the edge. I even remember thinking "This is a very stupid idea. Also, how can I stop this from happening? Fuck it I'll wing it." Then in the window, I saw her. So what was she? Some kind of octopus girl who sucked the life out of guys. I remember replaying some information in my head about her as I worked on breaking into the plexiglass window. I was getting annoyed because I wasn't getting through the window fast enough. Right as I was getting pissed off, it finally gave in, and just in time. I rushed in between you and the girl and told her I couldn't allow her to do this. She asked if I would consider him a good person and I told her the best. She asked if she could pull my memories of him and I said yes. I also told her that she would have to kill me first and im not easy to kill. She asked why and I told her he was my everything. She looked at him and just disappeared. I woke up. What does it mean?

I just had a dream where i

I just had a dream where i was coming from town but when i was about to approach our house i saw the door open but i remember it was closed but it seemed as there was a candle burning inside but when i got inside the table was broken only at the middle and i immediately went out side and started crying and people were just looking at me in that dream.

I just had a dream where i

I just had a dream where i was coming from town but when i was about to approach our house i saw the door open but i remember it was closed but it seemed as there was a candle burning inside but when i got inside the table was broken only at the middle and i immediately went out side and started crying in that dream.

My name is Imieh Justice Gerald I

My name is Imieh Justice Gerald I had a dream on 9/01/2018, in the dream I was set to travel overseas (UK to be precise) I was at the airport and I entered the automated human scanner holding only a phone which I dropped in a rubber pale and passed through the scanner. I passed through the scanner but could not go over to where the rubber pale took my phone which was on the other side. I could see but couldn’t reach to the other side where am to board. Suddenly I found myself in a hospital, so I began to roam around the hospital to find the way to the other side where am to board my ticket. While I roamed I came across a section where everyone there was an albino, as I walked on I entered a morgue where they kept dead albinos. At the tail end of the morgue was a door that led to a boy’s only secondary school, I took the door out of the hospital and was in the school classroom area. While standing out confused I suddenly noticed I was in front of the automated scanner where I started earlier. This time I saw an old school buddy whose name is Michael Aiyegbusi, I told him my ordeal, how I was supposed to travel, needed to pass the scanner to the other side, losing my phone in the process, other details I mentioned earlier and also as my flight might took off already Suddenly the scanner was now on a higher ground, I was looking up to it and was no longer on the level I was. There was then a stair on my level where I could climb to reach for a small narrow window sized opening which was under the automated scanner. I took that path in and I as i was under at this time Mike had already passed the automated scanner and I was looking to him up. Then he spoke to me to jump so he could help me up but I could not jump high enough. Then I continued on the path underneath which was a much longer route for me to the other side where the airport was. Then I finally reached him at the other side at the airport, he consoled me while I pant, then I woke up. The most thing unique about this dream is i usually don’t remember my dreams. I only have the knowledge that I dreamt. But When I woke up after this I remembered it in full detail and a voice spoke out, the voice was so clear “Write it down!!” With sleepy eyes I wrote it down. I have so far not shared this with anyone.

Dreamt about a lot of bad and

Dreamt about a lot of bad and fierce people cutting salmons and some other types of fishes into slices. Then they displayed them out on the floor with some formation. Those smells from the fish were so bad and those people want us to eat those fish freshly without cooking. I remembered that my heart was so discomfort, scared, and anxious. I didn't want to eat those fish but it didn't seem that i have a choice to make. Then, it changed to another scene where i was finding my mum's food in the fridge that she has left. I would eat those instead of the fresh fishes. But it doesn't matter how hard i find, i still couldn't find the food in the fridge. But before that scene came in, there was another scene where something happened and we couldn't eat those fishes yet, but have to hide ourselves somewhere. Since it was a while and the fishes where displayed out there with the interaction with the air and so on, some of the fishes turned its colour and it didn't look fresh. The smells of them were stronger and stronger as well.

I dreamt I became able to turn

I dreamt I became able to turn the casino I work at into a beautiful home and that nature that once surrounded the area came back and took over. The full native women were angry with me that I could catch, clean, and cook the large fish I caught and that I could communicate peacefully with the wild creatures around me. The fishing became a contest and the bullying women were determined to get me to fail. Two of the actual full tribal men I work with- an elder male and a younger male defended me. When I caught the largest fish, the bullying women were screaming as they were pulled into the icy slush that had formed on the curvy rivers edge and disappeared. Crows,ravens,wolves, deer, and a large golden black bear gathered and celebrated me. The younger tribal male placed a hand on my left shoulder, smiled and winked, stepped back. Then the elder male placed his hands on both my shoulders, nodded at me and said, quietly "they could not survive because they could not remember their ways. You survived because you knew all along and your ancestors are pleased"