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I opened my house's front door to

I opened my house's front door to a friend of my little brother and he asked if my brother could play. I said "No, he's busy right now. Sorry," and I walked out of the house to the street. He followed me to talk and I didn't mind but I just wanted to walk. Just then a Jeep came up to us and the driver inside said, "I am Nature. You are Nurture." Confused by this, I stood there and looked at the driver. Suddenly, the driver sped off down the road and crashed into a rut next to the road. Still standing where I was, I began to run towards the Jeep to help but the car began to rev up and back up out of the rut. I stopped running and looked with confusion as the Jeep turned around and began to speed towards me. Perplexed by what happened, I just stood there and watched as the Jeep came closer to me as if it was going to run me over. Then I woke up.

As usual, Jesse... Spot-ON! #Kudos... right now

As usual, Jesse... Spot-ON! #Kudos... right now to check if these kinds of aged vision can certainly track and also produce something based on Google's MapMaker a big section of each of our WEB OPTIMIZATION Gurus on the internet Skype ip telefoni group each day (as you realize! ) is usually invested on creating accurately this sort of bottom-up tactic! Hmm... got to print this kind of out there maybe to get more research.... sigh, there goes the quick, eh!: -) beats by dr dre

I had a dream of being sentenced

I had a dream of being sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison for stabbing another female in my defensive. The judge was a familiar face and the attorney that I seek to retain in my defense. Before I got ready to turn myself over to the authorities all I could think about is my home life as it is right now;responsibilities. I called my grandmother who's area code was 479 and cried to her as i talked about a male having cancer.The same male I saw lying face down in a box that only showed the back of his head. He rose up and began throwing up what look like his body organs.

I had a dream I was pregnant

I had a dream I was pregnant for a short while and once I began actually going into labor I noticed it was incredibly easy. There was nothing painful, difficult, or intense about it. There were no complications or struggles and the labor went by so fast that it was unreal. The baby was here and it was a little boy. I was happy and I loved the little boy. Only after I had him did I find out that I actually had a total of three biological sons. A family I didn’t recognize came to see me and told me I had two older sons. I looked at the two boys; they were not yet adults, but older adolescents. I looked at them and had no recollection of carrying them or even going through labor twice in my past but I knew these boys were my sons. I never knew how or why I lost them it was never explained to me. The woman in this family seemed to be their care-taker or maybe she wasn’t even really a woman, maybe she was really a guardian Angel; nevertheless she had my two sons and though they may have never seen me, as I was sure I had never seen them, they were comfortable letting me be their mother again. In the process of this revelation I was able to give my two sons new names as if reclaiming my ownership over them and in this order called them Daniel and Paul naming the older one first. I didn’t understand exactly what was going on but without words ever being spoken or exchanged I understood that my two sons couldn’t be given back to me right now, however, I was given unspoken confirmation that they would eventually return to me soon. I then took the little boy I had just given birth to, gave him a name, then raised and nurtured him. He grew up under my care; I loved him, kept up with him, and protected him. In the dream no matter where I went he was always there and never too far away from me. I had not yet had my two older sons returned to me but I always knew it would happen soon, so I was comforted. In the mean time I had my third son and I was pleased.