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My boyfriend and I were at a

My boyfriend and I were at a familiar plaza and we got tapioca/boba as he disappeared somewhere, I went back to get myself ice cream. There were only a few distinct flavors available, but as I tried to tell the lady mango, I blurted out watermelon. She gave it to me, with a smile on her face but that flavor wasn't on the menu .. I walked out of the shop and ate my ice cream while heading out to find my boyfriend. As I was walking around a building I felt many small things hitting me from above. Looking up, I saw an airplane and thought the pieces were coming off from it and falling from to the ground. But as I continued around the building while protecting my ice cream, the pieces kept falling rapidly and only in my direction. I looked up once more, and I found that rocks were being pushed off the side of the roof to hit me. Then I woke up.

I was on a rocky cliff and

I was on a rocky cliff and wearing an orange jump suit. Then people started shooting across the canyon at each other. I tried running around to get behind the other side and looked down and saw a dead woolly mammoth, it's tusks, head and bones under a few rocks. I was in extreme shock and awe, then woke up.

I am on a high mountain &

I am on a high mountain & my dog slips on some ice & fills off the edge, crashing down on to the rocks & then falls down a hole or well in to water. I feel terrible & know that the dog must be dead however I feel that I should climb down & check however there's a pack of wolfs & I am not sure what to do.

I walked onto a huge construction zone

I walked onto a huge construction zone where there were only workers far away. I walked up to a lawn mower with two large rocks in front of it. I had to move the rocks in order to get the keys to the lawn mower. When I moved them there was a body upside down in a whole, wrapped in a tarp and duct tape. I could see one shoe through the tarp. There were also a couple of rodent moles crawling around the tarp.

I'm swimming with an exboyfriend across a

I'm swimming with an exboyfriend across a submerged bridge filled with ocean water. We make it across the bridge and walk underneath it. There's an entrance to the other side that's covered with rocks and ai couldn't fit through. I go around te rocks and find a different exit that ai have to slide down this wood. Before I slide down I get stopped by a man's leg and I wasn't allowed through yet and finally he made up his mind and let me pass through.

Driving thru the woods in a small

Driving thru the woods in a small car, over hills, on a rough dirt road, not a smooth paved road, going over bridges, water, rocks, tree stumps.

My brother and I and his friends

My brother and I and his friends were standing in line in a public store after we had done something illegal. My brother and I decided to walk out of the store and as soon as we did I got this feeling that the cops were going to come. As soon as I told my brother about my feeling we heard the sirens. We turned and ran up a very steep and snowy mountain. We used the rocks to pull us up and make our climb easier. As we kept climbing we started dto slip and couldn't go up anymore so we ended up in the middle of the mountain covered and safe .