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A child rescued a rat from a

A child rescued a rat from a cat. I took care of it and nursed it back to health. At one point I took the rat into a swimming pool with the children I was with, and gave each child a job to do. One was a washer, one was a rinser, one was a scrubber etc. The rat had a huge opening in it's stomach that was full of pus. We cleaned it out in the water. Then the Prince of Wales appeared at the side of the pool and told me to leave because I was dirtying the water. When I looked down the rat had gone and was replaced by a child's ballerina slipper. He told me not to wash the slipper in the pool, and I argued that we were all wearing clothing in the pool and there was no difference, then I got out of the pool and kissed him on the cheek.

So, my dream was about me and

So, my dream was about me and how I had this boyfriend who was extremely cute and had this really curly, bushy brown hair. During most of the dream we were both in my bedroom making out most of the time and apparently we were going to have sex. I remember that my dad was going to some appointment and then after he left we'd do it since my mom was downstairs and wouldn't be able to hear us. Then my dad told us that he wasn't going to his appointment, and so my boyfriend and I were upset so I told him that we could still have sex, we'd just have to be quiet. We were talking and I couldn't remember what we were talking about. Then I jumped on him and stuck my tongue in his mouth and then we were making out. We went over to his duffel bag in the corner of my room and that's when he told me that we couldn't have sex because he didn't have a "rubber". Later that day or like the next day we were at like a private school or something because we were wearing plaid uniforms and sitting at those high bar like tables. I wasn't sitting next to my boyfriend, we were actually a few tables away and we kept sending flirty glances until this person came out and started reading off names and the heights of the person. I don't remember my boyfriend's name but they did say he was 5'6 and I walked past him and said, "We're the same height." and then he just winked at me and then I woke up.

I appear in the undergrowth area, filled

I appear in the undergrowth area, filled with sounds of the birds. I’m struggling with the shrubbery until I reach rusty metal structure that is made of two big circles. In the middle of it there is well-like hole. I come closer and start to pull out something with the string from the bottom of the dark hole. At one moment it seems to look like a live snake, but after I got it out, I see that is the white walking stick. Eventually I walk away, leaving the traces that were left by the walking stick on the ground. Later on, I appear in the abandoned territory, which is full of stones and the piles of sand. I go further until I reach a huge hollow and starts to descend down using the ladders. Once I get into the hollow I start to look for something once in a while. Further, I climb with the other ladders upwards and leave the venue. Then I appear in the old warehouse. There’s no one around, except the roosters that makes repetitive sounds. I see one side of the wall has a hole and I sneak inside. On the ground I see myself sleeping just behind the small tree. The shiny silver walking stick, with the shape of the crawling snake, is lying next to me. The last thing that I remember is narrow street, with all walls painted with accidental words. I start to move towards the end, carrying the white walking stick that I pulled out from the well in the beginning of my dream. Suddenly I start to mark the words with the stick and I feel that after each word the stick is getting smaller until it completely disappears.

I am female and was approaching my

I am female and was approaching my car on my driveway. I turned around and saw 2 men one with a gun which was pointed at my face. I had a black rubber small paddle thing in my hand (dont really know what this was) but I used it to deflect bullets from my face. I saw a neighbour in his garden but didnt shout him for help. I ran around my car to escape the bullets and deflected 2 or 3 then I decided just to lie down on the ground and pretend to be dead. I still had the paddle thing in my hand and positioned it at my face. That's it... I woke up in a sweat and in fear.