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I found sacred ruins with words on

I found sacred ruins with words on the walls that I felt were important. But just as I got to the most important part wraiths chased me and my grandmother away, trying to kill us for what we saw.

I’m flying through the clouds and it’s

I’m flying through the clouds and it’s a beautiful day of clear blue skies. I’m not just simply flying, I have these huge black wings that spurt out of my shoulder bones that are keeping me afloat. I look down and suddenly I see a world that is completely destroyed. The buildings are in ruins, there are no people in sight, but the clouds are still clear as daylight

Me and the guy i'm dating were

Me and the guy i'm dating were running from people, i don't remember who. and there were old ruins, rocks and cliffs like the grand canyon type of cliffs. and finally when we got away and were alone, we started kissing. i heard a voice tell me he is not over his last girlfriend. then the dream ended. is what this voice is saying true, or is it my insecurity?

I jumped into murky water to escape

I jumped into murky water to escape the guards who wanted me to return to my homeland there were five guy friends of mine planning ways to escape as well. I emerged from the water into these ruins of an old palace in the woods. I saw a man watching me cautiously as I lost conciousness. I woke up and was told to be part of a ritual to restore everything from the bad people by a goddess/ghost. I placed a clear circular crystal into water and so did this guy I was with. Both of our crystals turned red and were suppose to merge. The guards were soon going to find us and the boys from before surrounded us hoping we would succeed

I saw my self in a market

I saw my self in a market place with lots of women making and selling baskets. I start walking through the market place and i come to a temple facing a river. this temple looks very old and also has a ruins of a palace.I find gold coins on the ground near the palace! then i find my self go through a way, which i somehow already know leads to an underground chamber of temple wherein also lies the sanctum of an ancient goddess. the sanctum was protected by a huge cat like creature which was pleased by feeding it with milk,which i found myself producing from nowhere