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I had a dream that i saw

I had a dream that i saw my girlfriend suckingmy elder brother dick the second born, then i left because i was hurt and went to check my car at the engineer workshop,as I was above to leave, I saw her running my way my imidate brother which is the forth born was throwing stone on her cover her the stone was hitting me, i asked my brother to stop throwing stone on her then my brother said she was causing confusion between two Satamara, I told him i know and also to him she's under my care

The Yellow Diary (music band) had come

The Yellow Diary (music band) had come for the college fest but it was near exams week so no one showed up from student body. Miloni was running around asking people to come to watch

First, me and my friend blaming someone

First, me and my friend blaming someone for Harrasring us and we are finding him because we were accused for being bad, but he was bad. After some time we found him at roadside. And the someone came automatically to arrest him. And me and my friend going back home. When we reached some area, suddenly I am running away from dogs and then asked for help from a stranger. He helped me but then in return he asked me for kiss and I kissed that stranger in the corner of building and starts to intimate but then my father called me to come back home so I stopped in between and going back home. But while going back I kissed him again and asked his birth date and his living so he answered his birth date but not answered where he lives. I remember his face too but he is totally stranger to me

I have reoccurring dreams about lion and

I have reoccurring dreams about lion and I always hate how it ends. This morning, I had a dream that a lion was roaming free outside my gate, and at the same time I was preparing for a trip with my sister and 2 others. We were done and ready to go, I went close to the gate to access how we’d make it out without the lion attacking and I suddenly heard someone behind the gates, urging me to make sure I leave my current location and never look back. We had a plan, my sister will open the gate, I drive out and she locks the gate before joining us in the car (as fast as possible) When she opened the gate, I freaked out and urged her with fear to close the gate immediately. The gate was still open, as it was too heavy for only her to close and I woke up. This is not the first time I’m either running from a lion that seem friendly to others, but myself or just being scared entirely seeing one in my dream. Please I need interpretation, this is really bothering me.

I give birth to twins. The doctors

I give birth to twins. The doctors send me home without the babies. Soon doctors bring one baby and leave. I cry a lot because I want my secound baby, too. My family denies that I had twins. The Doctor comes back and tells me, I only had one child and wants to leave. My secoune baby is in the car. I run after the car, holding my single twin and cry. My family tries to stop me. They say I am crazy for thinking I gave birth to twins and they will take my baby away. I call them traitors and tell them that I will never forgive them and that I hate them. I never let go of my one twin, while running to the hospital to get my other baby. I do everything for my twins to come back together. Befor I wake up, I see the hospital papers, where I find both names of my twins and then I hold them both in my arms.

The dreamer identified himself as a bisexual

The dreamer identified himself as a bisexual man of 23. In one common set of dreams, dreams he had several times, he was in a desert and next to a lake. Sometimes his wife was there with him, sometimes he was alone. Once he was there with his mother and his sister. In one dream the lake was surrounded by a wall. He never seemed to take any notice of the lake. It was there but he never drank from it or did anything with it . . . . The scene changed to his parents' apartment. He noticed a new carpet on the floor which he liked and just as he was beginning to enjoy looking at it hundreds of squirrels ran into the flat through the front door and there was a lot of confusion with all his family members running around. He left the house and was stumbling toward the intersection with cars coming from both directions. One car was followed by a large van that was towing a house. He picked up a piece of a broken object that he found on the street, ducked into a garden, and enclosed it in a cellophane bag and placed it gently in a pool of water.