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Hyena in a small fenced area. Hyena

Hyena in a small fenced area. Hyena is head and shoulders taller than fence and looks as though it may escape in seconds. I'm unsure if I will be able to get to safety in time. My sister and many our dogs (we have 14 of them) are also in danger. I don't think I'll be able to save any of us from it

I was being chased by a teacher

I was being chased by a teacher that was saying he loved me and stuff, then I went to another teacher for safety and he protected me.

All family members having babies. Babies fall

All family members having babies. Babies fall from sky into river with train tracks. Government will not stop train. Reliant on overweight aunt to catch babies before train comes. Babies are safe at the end.

There was a zombie apocalypse and i

There was a zombie apocalypse and i was not with family and i was trying to find a safe place and i found James and we cuddled and watched a movie with Ellie and Ronnie in bed with us and then James tried to have sex with me. Then we were in my house and Ellie and Ronnie and me slept in my bed and mum was angry about having people round but they had no where else to go.

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I was sitting in a place where

I was sitting in a place where there it was a beautiful river,but there is a volcano in eruption , my family was with me i want to run from the place but my ex husband said no,nothing will happen we are safe.

I was at school and my ex

I was at school and my ex was there and some old faces too and I was just walking around campus and meeting everyone and then I was in the cafeteria area alone with just my ex having a private meal and he was acting stupid and I was acting normal and he had this thing and it mocked me and then the scene changed to me opening a door for some girl and a celebrity and then going around campus to find out i lost my backpack and notebook to me looking for it and finding out where it was, from my full real name being announced; I was thinking shit some people don't know my name, as I go by MilaToro for my job in real life right now. And it got announced on the school speaker by a teacher for all to hear; along with my and age that I'm going to be next year and I franticly went to the room and the teacher was there on the steps to enter the classroom and he saw me and gave gave me my stuff and to find out it wasn't my notebook that someone else had it and i thought it was my ex who had it but i kept the notebook anyway. As I’m walking away I told the girl next to me and told her well it's filled with math notes i midst well keep it as i can learn from it. Then it jumped form the school campus grounds to urban ranch styled homes and bulls in the grass fields. I was I guess still looking for my notebook and to the left of the grassy fields was the school outside campus, I was running from street to campus walkways to the grass fields and somehow ended up being chased by multiple bulls and running to jump over the gate into the flowers to be safe the bull was so close to smashing me. It's ironic because the bull I was thinking in my dream was a representation of me , because my horoscope is a Taurus and I'm in the month of May right now in real life and my birthday is 6 days away. Anyway I never finished the area because then I woke up.

My mom, my sister, and I would

My mom, my sister, and I would take a trip up to some cabin onto of a hill surrounded by forest. Us three would get settled into the cabin and then my mom would tell me to go out and grab some firewood. Every time on the way back to the cabin I would see one wolf coming up through the driveway growling at me and then all of the sudden I would be surrounded by a bunch of wolves with no way out. Then my dad comes barreling down the driveway and to the cabin to save the day. Everytime he takes my place and somehow I am able to get away from the wolves. The first time I had the dream my dad shot all of the wolves and we were safe. The second time he didn’t shoot them, but was somehow able to scare them all away. And the last time I had the dream, my dad sent my sister and I to the nearby village, but when we were finally able to get help and get back my dad was dead. I haven’t had the dream since.

Me and this boy from school were

Me and this boy from school were in the CSI and our cover was almost blown so we had to leave our homes and hid till be could find a safe spot to stay. So we went to Jacson's house to stay for the night. Well Jacson had some friends over and so we had to explain it to them too. Then some of Clarissa's friends came over. Clarissa is the girl next store. So they came over to hangout. So then we had to explain it to them too. They all promised they wouldn't tell anyone even if there life depended on it. Then things go crazy. Like truth or dare and spin the bottle crazy.

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