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I was put in a game and

I was put in a game and I had to go around to different worlds in it. I went to tis one part where I was in a wedding and I had to stop a imposter ring bearer from killing the real ring bearer. I went up behind the imposter but everytime I tried to pull him back he would just keep walking. He got right behind the real boy and punched him up side the face. He fell on the ground and everyone in the wedding disappeared. Then I went to the future and everyone was in a back hallway because there was a bomb dropping. I quickly ran to the past. I landed in this swamp and these four other people were swimming to get to this shack. I followed, since I wanted to get out of the swamp. When I got there the four were sitting in a room with a old, film rolling movie on. The projectionist went over to me and asked if I did gymnastics. I said yes. Then he said, then i have the job for you. He said roll the movie, and then he just ran away. I was sitting there for awhile but I guess I fell asleep at the movie because I started having Disney dreams. Minnie was cheating on Mickey with Pluto, Tinkerbell was with jimmy the cricket, and Goofy and Peter Pan were shooting off fireworks. Then Peter Pan came up to me and said, do you do gymnastics? and I said, yes. Then he said, Well I have the job for you. Then I woke up from the Disney dream and I was at the wedding again. Everyone was running around, screaming. I didn’t know what was going on but I ran with them, away from whatever was happening.

I was at home clothes were everywhere

I was at home clothes were everywhere when i washed them i didnot put them up, i got called upon to speak at a church so i tried to get ready , so i decided to wear one of my clergy robes to speak in but i couldnt find it so i had to search through a lot of clothes so when i found it it was very wrinkle so i got an iron to iron it but somehow the church people was there and telling me to come on so they can escort me to the pull pit so i got ready then one of the ladys picked up my book and bible but it was the wrong one but then i found it so i walked into the church there were hundreds of people there i stepped up on the potium and placed my bible and notebook there,so i was wating they were having some praise service i saw my pastor there smiling and watching me through the crowd,then i went to the back of the church in a room and took my clothes off and took a hot shower when they called me to speak i was just putting back on my clothes i couldnt put on my shoes so i went without them to speak on the way to the potium a lady ask me if i had on a dress up under my clery robe i said yes but as i looked down somehow i hjad on a pink bed gown on up under the clergy robe. so i proceeded to began to speak and someone took my bible and study paper i had to speak on, so they looked for it and found it when i began talking i was telling them about my daughter who is deceasd called me on the phone to tell me to get her check for her on friday and she will pick it up , i said ok then i said my daughter doesnt know shes dead she think shes still living, but i did talk to her. then i began to preach ,i told the micah at first then isiah it was so mixed up for me,so i began to speak about God gave isaiah a message for one of Gods servant and it was to give her a 119.00 so the servant said i dont want that i want 679.00 so then i began to speak on do you feel that sometimes things just are not working for you but ask God for more instead of using what you got.

I was looking for a locker and

I was looking for a locker and some girl started a fight with me. I beat her up and then Brooks asked me to the dance,and asked me out. I said yes. I went home. A few days later he came in a old green car and took me for a ride. When I got back mom said I couldn't go to the dance. I said "Mom I'm 13.You can't control my life forever." Then I was in a dress shop holding 3 different shades of blue dresses,and asked Brooks which one I should get.

I was getting in trouble in the

I was getting in trouble in the principals office and my crush and his friend start singing with a mic taking the attention off of me. I didn't get into trouble. Then I went into my class and my crush was playing the piano. He came to my seat and asked if I was only in grade eight. I said yes. He started panicking. I started to cry and fell on the floor. I said "you don't like me no more?". Then he sat next to me and started to laugh. He said that he was joking and he kissed me.

I was looking in my bag for

I was looking in my bag for something when i noticed envelopes i had put money in and written on looked disturbed, i lifted envelope out it had been burst at top edge and a few coins and a pound coin and £10 note fell out when i emptied it. I couldnt believe that was all there was but i couldnt remember how much was supposed to be there i think it was £90. Then i put down 3 £20 notes and the £10 left in envelope looked fake as i picked it up i saw it was long and thin and not real. I went into say to My ex partner it was in our old house now in my bed he was doing something on his phone when I walked in he put the phone up to top of his head I asked who he was on phone to he Said nobody what do you want ? I said did u take money out an envelope in my bag he said yes I said why did you take it without asking, he didn't answer I said how much did you take, he said how much do you think I took ? I was shocked he had taken money without asking me first. Then he said now move out the way or stand against the wall down there, I looked and our youngest son was standing against the wall dressed in football strip his dad was videoing him, I then walked away feeling hurt and confused he,d stolen from me and wasn't bothered about it.

A woman was getting her limbs cut

A woman was getting her limbs cut off by a group of women. I asked what was going on and the woman with no arm said she agreed to it if they paid for her groceries after. The torture continued and the group kept getting bigger. They started to plan to set her on fire and I kept asking why. One woman started to beat her with a piece of meat. I asked the woman with no arms if she was okay and she said yes, she didn't want to pay for her groceries. I overheard a few women whisper about a past torture that happened in the very house we were in. Ome woman pointed at fainted fingernail like scratches that were etched on the living room floor. They took her into the bedroom as I secretly took a video of the group of women. I was then about to leave until I heard the women with no arms or legs start to scream. I screamed and asked "What are you doing!?!" And the women with no arms or legs screams muffled and I could hear "they're suffocating me" I looked into the room from the hallway and saw 3 women on the bed and one women on the floor covering the women with no arms or legs with a blanket. I walked to the entrance of a room and said "If you want, they could stop this now and you could just pay for all your stuff." She agreed instantly and cried please please yes. But the group women screamed "NO!" And all of them walked towards me. I grabbed a knife and I said this isn't right, and I already called the police. A black woman in front of me maybe knew I had just lied, and snatched my phone from me. I tried to pull away but I knew the only way to get the phone was to use the knife. I couldn't. And woke up.

An aquaintant I summer schooled with and

An aquaintant I summer schooled with and who attended highschool together with, asked me to prom and to be his girlfriend. I was afraid and wanted to avoid this situation, however I said yes.

I was pregnant and in labour, the

I was pregnant and in labour, the only person in the hospital room was my mum and she kept injecting my back over and over again. I said I didn't want it but she said I had to then I blacked out, I woke up in my nans house and didn't feel like I hadn't given birth and asked if I was doing everything right to which my man replied I'll ask your mum. My mum said yes everything is correct. I walked downstairs not feeling safe and my whole Family was in one room hugging two Chinese babies one did not look new born. Over and over I kept asking myself why I had Chinese baby's and 2 of them my baby should be mixed race black and white. Then I really did panic and something said these aren't my babies. I ran to the pub and asked a bar tender did I have a baby and was there a woman with me last night. The bar tender said 'let me guess they aren't you babies' and pointed over my shoulder I turned around and my mum was facing a wall sat alone laughing with a devilish laugh and said so you figured it out. I tried to grab her to fight but it was as if she went through my arms when I tried to hit her. Then I remembered she had previously told me in another dream, when people have turned bad or possessed you need to burst their ear drums I tried and missed and she continued laughing but I finally managed to do so and when I did she began breathing fast like she was gasping for air like she had been drowning and all the colours became bright again. This is where I woke up

My boyfriend got back in a relationship

My boyfriend got back in a relationship with his ex girlfriend who he was with for 4 years. She had a white jumper on. she knocked on the door and asked my bboyfriend to be with her and he said yes. I was left alone, crying.