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I saw a ripe palm fruit that

I saw a ripe palm fruit that they just cut it from the tree I went and cut from the heads start eating it,

I was in my old primary school

I was in my old primary school and surprisingly it wasn’t a primary school anymore. I saw alot of grown people in there and I saw someone I didn’t expect to see. I saw someone i use to like alot. Then i tried hugging him but he acted so agressive towards me. Zach would hit me and scrape me until i was bleeding. Its not like him to do these things but he did. On the final hit i blacked out. I woke up to a nurse saying congratulations on having a baby girl. There were no scratches or hit marks on me. Zach stood there in many emotions but mainly shocked and happy. i had another dream a few days later that the baby was now a toddler. her name is daniqua in the dream. except the weird thing was i didnt see zach.

I was in a place which was

I was in a place which was extremely cold.but however,i was feeling somewhat hot. I went with my friends. There was a vr game. In that game i was in a hotel and a lady was sitting beside me. Suddenly,she wanted to drink my blood. But I fought against her and she started looking like a tiger. Then I removed my vr and went to bed to take a nap. But when I woke up,i saw a tiger toy in my actual dream.

I was in my house with my

I was in my house with my sister we saw a green colored snake which is inside our house. We got scared, and me and my sister got separately stand up on sofa furniture and screaming. The snake came to my sofa's handle and caught my left leg in to its mouth and bites. After sometime it leaves my leg by its own.

I saw my sister naked in my

I saw my sister naked in my dream note (we don't talk to each other, we had a fight a year ago) in the dream she was tiny than she is, I greeted her then she followed me I side the house and suddenly she got naked.

Enter your dream here, and let us

Enter your dream here, and let us analyze it for you ..In My dream i dreamt where i was discussing with somebody that i know,and in d dream rain want to fall,and there was no stay in d sky,but when i looked on d sky again i now saw stars on one side of d sky{heaven} and i was pointing at it showing it with d people i was with.and they were surprised how star came out again.because rain what to fall that time and i now wake up