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I sat in a car, driving down

I sat in a car, driving down a long rocky road through a forest. We drove up to a large house and walked in. I saw a boy... who looked a lot like Luke, he hugged me. Another girl was right behind him who seemed upset at his actions. We hugged for a while before he let go. A blonde woman walked up to me and greeted me then a man following. The boy from before told me we're going on a hike. We left the house and the woman held up a box filled with large bulbs that were filled with patterns and stars. We were told we needed to leave and everyone disappeared, I walked back alone. In that time what I was wearing had changed into a dress. There was limo and when I entered it I saw the man, the woman and the boy. I sat beside the woman and she looked at me. Asking me if she could fix my hair. I sat looking out the window and soon she told me she was done. I looked to her and a voice came over a small radio. "Your grandfather was in a crash" I sat quietly as they directed the driver to find it. We drove towards the crash and soon were in it ourselves. I ran to the front of an ambulance I was in, now in a hospital gown. The men driving yelled and pulled me back into the bed. I was screaming for Ryan... we got to the hospital and the boy, woman, and man had stood in front of the hospital. I was still screaming for Ryan. That's when I woke up.

It all started with me in prison

It all started with me in prison trying to escape, and I did so. I ran to my grandmas house most of my family was there. They tried to catch me and hand me over to the police, I got away by jumping out of the bathroom window. I was running through backyards were I encountered dozens of dogs trying to attack me, I continued to jump over fences and run through fields. I ended up behind a grocery store, I than called my girlfriend and told her what was going on, she broke up with me even knowing she was pregnant with my baby. I asked her to stay with me and asked her to wait for but she couldn't. I was worried for her about rent and bills. After that I was caught by the police, and them knowing I wouldn't get out for years and years they allowed me to stay with my family for a few hours. I flashed into a dark field with all of my family looking up at the stars and thinking about life, on my way back walking through the field 3 giant monarch butterflies flew towards me landing on my neck ( I could feel them licking my neck as if it was very real). After getting to the car they disappeared into thin air.

My dream start I was walking outside

My dream start I was walking outside In I see my older kid Michael the I was at home with my kids and my ex In was dying of cancer as I was talking to my ex lying down in bed I passed away but I resurrected the next day in as I was walking outside around the.house these female neighbors saw me in run scare then the male neighbors see me in also run scare then I was inside my house.with the same neighbors in they where fine with me been resurrected so I starter playing with the male neighbors which he was older with long with hair we where playing with the water hose then I run outside welling to the sky telling god thank u god as I do these the stars starring dancing and forming triangle's and squares the horoscope sign then I go inside the house in as I walk in I see in abundance of food and other material things the I see these big glass cabinet with battles of wine of different kind and different places

I was laying in bed talking with

I was laying in bed talking with my husband and i saw what looked like stars flashing in the sky and when i looked again they were bigger and brighter the as i looked around i saw Jesus walking with some other men and he sat down and began talking. There was what seemed to be a lot of red boiling waters but i could not feel tbe heat from it i actually felt cool and serene unaffraid but my dream changed to me telling one of my sisters to come go with me