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I walk in to a huge old

I walk in to a huge old house during a thunderstorm when a lightning bolt strikes the house. Everything is black. At the end of the hallway there was a light, i yelled and asked if anyone was there but no one answered. I start to walk down the hallway and hear footsteps behind me, so I start to run. The steps get louder and louder and by the time i reached the end of the hallway there was no light, only stairs. I walk up the stairs to a little room with ghost in it. i quickly closed the door and turned around. When i turned there was a man in front of me, he smiled creepily. All the sudden the the floor disappeared and the house ate me.

We were at this house in ferguson

We were at this house in ferguson and a cop came out and my friend (bob) had a paintball gun The cop said put the gun down and so he did and he got shot right away his last words were "that’s what we get when were in ferguson" toni and matt started running away and they saw a colorful dog it looked somewhat sickly but it was really cute so they tried to help it but it tried to bite matt and then matt tried to hit the dog and defend himself from the dog and then another dog came in and started saying stuff like leave my brother alone then tried to bite toni this dog was a fit fighting dog.it latched onto tonis arm and he tried and succeeded in trying to throw the dog over a fence that was not attached to the ground. Then they ran and matt ran the other way the first was chasing matt as he ran away and that was the last toni saw of him. Then toni turned the corner and the sencond dog morphed into a man the man resembled a gang member with no ink. He then ran into a restaurant into a room and he saw two girls standing at a high table the dog-man that was chasing him came into the adjacent door from toni he told the two girls "what are you waiting for come help me" then toni was in an alley and there was a fence blocking his escape route this fence was actually in the ground. Leaning on the fence was a guy with a broom and he tried to strike toni with the broom out of nowhere and then the two girls and the dog-man came out of the same door that he had just come out of and they huddled around him

We are on holiday in spain, we

We are on holiday in spain, we stop for German food and then head to the beach. My daughter climbs into a cage that is on a beach to play with a small bear. I am playing badminton next to the fence with my friend. Some more friends come to visit. I then notice the bear is growling at my daughter so I tell my mum u best go and get her. I climb over the fence and it starts to rain. I rescue my daughter and go to the gate but a large angry bear is trying to get in to eat us. I escape over the fence and run to the safety of a house just as lightening strikes the ground.

The first part of my re occurring

The first part of my re occurring dream changes however there are elements that are exactly the same, the dream i had about 45 minutes ago..... The first part is a little hazy, i think i was on holiday in Spain and recognized a few familiar faces however the dream was set in a place ive been on holiday to many times so did not strike me as odd. The next thing i know im working ( plumbing ) in spain working for a Lady who was forcing me to work for next to nothing and would not let me escape, i even remember having to sign a contract which i refused and her ( its? ) guards pinned me down and were a little abusive ( not sexually ) im talking a knee in the back kinda deal. I recall seeing several friends all trying to escape ... nothing really odd about that, one said he had to do jail time in spain ( this is all happening on the work site ) and another tried to escape, gave it legs and that was the last i saw of him.. none of this i can recall having dreamt about before. However there was a room on the building site ( in spain still ) of which i could look out a window. I could see a Massive and highly scenic mountain ( i have seen this before in my dreams exactly to every last detail the only reason i remember it is because it was so beautiful) every time i tried to take a picture of it my camera would mess up... i can only describe it again as a huge mountain with intricate buildings ( old world )in the middel with grassy knowls, and near the top there as a point that when the sun hit it looked majestic. I have dreamt of this place MANY times before, yet never walked up the mountain. Around the area there was also some very mind blowing scenery wich i could not get enough of, once again i was trying to take pictures of it for some reason very grassy hills set on a mountain side going on for miles, i have also dreamt of this every time i dream of the spire ) The next thing i know in my dream thunder and lightning breaks out with heavy rain and its night time.... Its odd because every time i dream of the majestic scenery it is the same to the exact detail. ( i have never been any where like this in my life ) I also recall my mum working for the Mean women as well, i was worried but in the dream, no harm cam to her and she seemed to be doing alright. None of this scared me/worried me. Im just so confused as to why i keep seeing this AWESOME scenery and this majestic mountain with the village in the middle and the sun kissed top. ( the village looked some what oriental )