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I dreamt my neighbor who I don't

I dreamt my neighbor who I don't like was wearing a rain jacket on a sunny day at a picnic table surrounded by garbage bags

Ima t a student council meeting we

Ima t a student council meeting we are periodising an unpopular idea I say "everyone hates the student council anyway " they agreee .Now I'm in the hub someone's making an announcement maybe it's me I turn to the corner and see john by the stairwell .Hes wearing overalls I didn't know we could do that .im in the orallighys field but it surrounded by gates .this is a school event .THE TEACHER ARE CANNIBALS .i try to climb over the gate to escape my dad helps but Alan tries to stop us. We get over the gate and I'm in the car there's traffic I keep telling my dad we need to call the police he seems uninterested.we arrive at a house . I wonder who's house it is.my dad gets out of the car for a vape.i try to call 999 But different numbers keep appearing instead of 9 that I have to delete. My brain switches to a completely white area where 3 females mii's with pigtails in red are .they each have the number 9 on them .perfect I think . 3 male mii's appear they have the number 9 on them too .im back in the car I look down at my phone ,there's too many 9's

The dream started at my house. My

The dream started at my house. My brother and I were home alone. Then these black vans surrounded our house. I remember being told to "watch out for black vans." I try to get my brother up, saying we have to hide, but he didn't believe me. As one of them walked up to the house, I slammed the door shut and locked it. Sometimes we leave our front door open for fresh air. After I did that, they left us alone for a while, but they were still watching us, watching our every move. I tried to call my mom, or 911, but I guess the men did something to our service too. So we hid and waited. Then I got the bright idea (why, dream me, why) of trying to run to the neighbors house and ask for help. My brother and I took the back door out, but the men were still encircled around the house. They got a hold of me, my brother escaped. They took me to this abandoned, overpopulated house that was in terrible shape. It was in the middle of downtown San Diego, I'm surprised no one saw it. By overpopulated I mean it was filled with other kids I knew, who were also all abducted. We were allowed to roam freely around the house, we just had two unofficial rules to live by. 1: Don't try to escape. 2: DON'T anger The King. We also had these weird tracker collars. They would send signals to The King, and he'd send his little men in black vans to go and kill us, and the black van men were everywhere in the outside world. Who is The King? He's the head honcho, the big kahuna of that house. No one knows who he is, or his motives. In fact, no one knew why we were taken here. Nothing bad was happening (yet), but we knew something sinister was brewing underneath. We were scared shitless. One day, The King revealed himself. He was a short, squatty man, but had the face of a sour lemon. He had a sword tucked in its sheath in his belt loop. He didn't announce him as The King, we just all kind of figured, since he looked way way older than the rest of us. He would just walk around the house, as if he was on patrol. If he didn't like the way you look, he'd kill you. If you attempted to kill him (many did), he'd make sure you die the most brutal death. He was terrifying. I avoided him at all costs. What I saw from him was unfathomable. A transgender boy was having a mental breakdown and wasn't in the right mind. He confronted The King, pleading on his knees that he'd let him go. The King looked down at the boy. "You want to be a boy right?" The kid looked up, a little taken back by this comment. "What does that have to do with anything!?" The kid responded with, getting more frustrated and angry. "I'll help you pass better as a boy." The King grabbed him by his fluffy, pretty-long-for-a-boy hair, and scalped him with his sword. Like, he cut off his hair, and scalp, so all you could see was his brain. He fell over dead. The King did all of this with such a deadpan face. He turned to the boy's body, spat on it, and muttered, "Tranny pig." Everyone watching, and there was a lot of them, turned away once The King turned to walk away. This man was a monster. I saw a lot of kids I knew there, who were from school, dance, the neighborhood, etc. I saw a girl I knew from school and cheer leading on the verge of death, anothr cheerleading classmate, who was also her best friend, cradling her, crying. The King shot the dying one in the thigh, because she tried to escape, leaving her to die slowly. It was pretty merciful, compared to the other methods of punishment. This broke my heart. The two most popular and joyous girls I knew were at utmost despair. Throughout the dream, I could only think about my parents and my brother. Flash forward to another day, I'm walking around the house, like usual, with the rest of the "herd" of abducted children, and I meet up with that one girl who was cradling and crying over her dying best friend. We talked a little, she's very damaged because of what happened to her best friend. She tells me we need to escape. That her friend's death cannot be in vain. I'm very reluctant, but I'm pretty fast on my feet. I agree. We climb over the wall, and run a couple meters from the house. I look back, and I understand why no one sees the kids, or anything that's occurring in that house. There's some sort of protection field that makes it still look like its abandoned from the outside. The sirens go off. Green lazor lights are everywhere. Those represent the locations of the Black Van Men. We make it as far as the freeway. We try to remove the collars but we can't. Then I wake up.

I was in my parked car alone

I was in my parked car alone and a cat was on the sunroof it somehow fell into my car and other cats surrounded the front of my car

I was in my car alone and

I was in my car alone and a cat was on the sunroof, it somehow fell into my car and other cats surrounded the front of my car

I was standing on top of a

I was standing on top of a cliff surrounded by people who wanted to cause me harm, by my side was my white horse. I leapt into the air fearless of the fall facing heaven and I called out SAVIOR (my horses name) and he leaped after me. We both landed safely in water and i created a cave where my friend a giant giraffe and giant hawk came to my aid and traveled from far to get to me.

I was in a perspective of a

I was in a perspective of a fancy adult man. Next to me was, I think, the man's brother. We went to do adventures, but they were in tiers. 1st was a field, 2nd was a butterfly garden, 3rd was a town, last was a huge castle. No one was in the castle, so the man's brother went to the throne, a bunch of butterflies surrounded him and I woke up.