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"It is likely during this mission we

"It is likely during this mission we won't be moving all the regenerative ECLSS (environmental control and life support system) racks into node 3," Suffredini said. "If we get favorable conditions such that we can have (an) extra day and nothing else is needing that day, we may in fact stay one extra day and finish that work. It's not required, we can get the racks all moved during the stage (after Endeavour departs). But the preference is to try to do it during docked ops." Air Jordan 4 Retro

I had friends from out of town

I had friends from out of town come over to my house for a barbeque and in the starter kit was a bag of lighter fluid which had a tear. As I was going to go throw the bag away I walked past a fire outside and the bag exploded in my hand. This burnt and blew off fingers and 4 toes on my right foot as well as on the rest of my body. I was seen by a man driving down the road and was taken to the hospital. After arriving I was cleaned up and left. No one came to visit. When I was released I went home to get my tablet and phone and also told friends including my husband I was done with them and left again. While walking into the city it seemed to get sucked into a hole in the ground and then erupt like a volcano causing a tornado to begin. I took shelter in an office building. As I am scrambling trying to find somewhere safe my phone rings. Its an automated system from my cell phone provider telling me that I was past due on my bill and had to pay it by 9:16pm that day.

So, my dream started out as me

So, my dream started out as me being summoned to a strange place,like a training facility. I was told it was a x-men training camp and that I had powers I've near tapped into because I hadn't been trained to do so. I was told there were light and dark spirited x-men and I was of the light. When we started training I was assigned to a 5-man team of light spirited x-men and we quickly defeated a 5-man team of dark spirited x-men. I was intially told I would only be required to train once that day but fought in the next nine battles of the day. After we trained there was a community dinner between the light and dark spirited x-men put on by Professor Xavier. During dinner, a female dark spirited X-man told me darkness would never defeat light because the commander of light has the ability to give us ongoing strength to always win the battle. I left with another young lady and went home, she was a soul reader and said my gf kids were all dark soul but my gf was half light and dark. My gf greeted us was called away by her two sons. They came back into the room and her youngest son was very happy he was dark and stated one day he would defeat me, I laughed knowing he couldn't which angered him. The young lady also told me my gf had been summoned as well because she was one of the five mutant spirits that were both light and dark, during training three chose to remain totally light and one remained dark but she didn't attended so one remained without choosing. She missed training because of one her children need her to talk with the principal for getting into trouble at school.