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I was walking down the street and

I was walking down the street and saw a "homeless" couple I stopped and gave the man my granola bar because I didn't open it yet when I started walking away he pulled out an iPhone x I yelled at him I said I thought you were homeless I started walking away I heard him mocking me with I thought you were homeless hahaha I Turner around he had taken his costume off and the old couple was a couple of teenage boys me btw they were older than me I ripped off the rest of his costume and threw it at him

He said: Citys approach to the game

He said: Citys approach to the game was very brave but very stupid. "There is yet to be a formal bid but it seems increasingly likely that Townsend, 24, will quit St James Park." puma sneakers xt2 "However fans quickly turned to Twitter as they noticed the 30-year-old?was sporting an eye injury, with some supporters even suggesting he was wearing eyeliner." LUKE SHAW says Jose Mourinho has brought back the Manchester United glory days after Marcus Rashford’s last-gasp winner against Hull. puma creepers rihanna oatmeal Its not Pauls fault that he gets ten times the money some get. vies is challenged by Raheem SterlingThe Dutchman has now taken four points off his close pal Guardiola this season. ecco biom walking shoes 2-1 winReuters3Club Brugge’s Jose Izquierdo scored a spectacular goal to set up a nervy second half for LeicesterBoss?Ranieri also has a clause in his contract for getting Leicester into the later stages. sene-maulIvory Coast vs Senegal abandoned in 88th minute after player is rugby tackled by pitch inva.

dream that i saw many open ackee

dream that i saw many open ackee in a ackee tree and i pick one bag full and put it one side saying that i was going to share it. i went back to the tree and started picking some more ackee to give other persons. after picking i went back to mine bag that i pick first but when i went back someone handed me a box with about half the amount of ackee when i asked what happen to my ackee the man said to me you didnt believe me when i told you i was going to take some?. then i realized he was so excited to see the ackee he cook some and eat it with others.

was at a house where i used

was at a house where i used to live with a ex boyfriend, i dont know what was going on, just that we were splitting up. next thing i remember from this dream is sitting at a busy intersection in my car and making a right turn. but i was off the side of the road in the grass somehow. some people came to help me but all i had to do was back up. next thing i know im sitting in the back seat of a car some man is driving and ge hit side swiped another car. the man from the other car gets out and asks me for my info like i was being blamed for the accident damaging his antique german car.

I dreamed I was in a auditorium

I dreamed I was in a auditorium surrounded by my peers. We were being taught how to play a few songs by a man i don't recognize. My teacher tells me to come with him. As I walk towards him a key from my saxophone falls off, and I pick it up. Soon were outside of a place that looks familiar. It look like a college campus. I look up and I see the man I've loved for three years. I walk past him away from him. I felt butterflies in my belly but I also felt sad. My current teacher walked up to the love of my life, and former student and said hi to him. They both started talking, they both seemed happy to see each other.