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My dream was that I was at

My dream was that I was at a building where I used to work and went to the bathroom, when I tried to leave the bathroom, a tiger was loose in the building and someone yelled as a warning that a tiger was on the loose. Now there were two other people in the restroom with me, so I saw this tiger coming towards the door and kept it from coming in but just barely. It was sniffing under the door, using its paws and claws to try to get my feet, and then went away. Next I was going to leave the office but someone had taken my flip flop sandals, so I was looking in everyone's cubicles trying to find my shoes. Then me and an old friend were leaving the office, but when we got outside the door police pulled up and starting shooting at us with bullets that looked like lasers. We tried to tell them we worked there and they didn't care. That was the end