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The dream starts out in my house.

The dream starts out in my house. There is my mother and sister on the couch and the light is on. Then the dream changes. Now I'm in a bedroom which seems like the attic. I'm lying in this bed, my sister is in it with me and my grandfather too. My grand ma is sitting in a chair at the end where my grand pa is. My grandpa is lying on his stomach and starts turning and moving all over the bed. We figure he's dying and I think that if I died I wanna die with god the last thing on my mind. So grandpa is still tossing and turning and I keep saying that he looks peaceful and then he dies and then the number 70 pops into my mind because god promised to give 70 years. Then it's like he disappeared and where back in the room. This time l'm asleep and sister wakes me up so seems evil and keeps trying to take all the space on the bed. Then the dream shifts to these girls it's summer and there having fun riding there bikes. There in the street in the middle part between the yellow lines and the concrete in their path is making the area the tires can sqeeze through smaller and smaller. Next it's this mini cliff in there way so they jump down it with there bikes. Again there going down the street then a mad men with a gun with a ski mask all dressed in black starts shooting at time with a machine gun. I see them trying to get away and I notice one girl gets shot in the back then the dream shifts again. Now I'm back in middle school but I'm still the same age and which is high school age and I walk in there wearing different clothes then everbody else. My shirt was red then one of my old classmates makes fun of me and says he bets that I can't even spell the word dynamite. Then I get a dictionary and on my way I notice this couple at a table there studying or something. Then the dream shifts to the news. The reporter says that there are different gods and dreams that they give you are long and lengthy and you have to choose which one to believe.

I had a dream I was driving

I had a dream I was driving in a trailer park and I notice some of my tires are flat so I get out to check them. So I get back in the car to drive it off the road and then my car spin backwards into a ditch. So I get out and check to see if I can get it out and then I get back in the car. So I try to drive it out and all of a sudden my car fall into a bottom of an ocean with me it in landing on its wheels. All I could do was ask myself who is going to take care of Jaleyah which is my daughter. Out of no where my deceased uncle appears to me and says it's not your time yet and hold his hand out so I took his hand and he swimmed me to the surface. In my dream he had a red shirt on and two lines in his head for his design.

I was ridding my bike with my

I was ridding my bike with my brothers in an old bad neighborhood then both my tires got went flat. So I had to walk back to grandma's house. When we got back a car pulled up and pulled out knives on my brothers. I ran up and said stop that's my dad, I mean those are my brothers. They guys in the car got scared for a second then one of them was an old friend. The guys all put away their knives and were going to leave but I didn't want my friend to go with them. But I felt scared for myself and my brothers still. My friend got out of the car and we gave each other a hug but he said be careful I have a gun in my jacket. Then he still got out of the car to hurt us with his knive but I told him just don't hurt my brothers only me. He was debating on how he should stab me and where he should stab me at. Then I woke up afraid for my friend.


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