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I dreamed i was with my boyfriend

I dreamed i was with my boyfriend at some house or cabbin maybe but the i left him and i ended up meeting up with one of his friends we tlkd for a min then i left i came up to this building warehouse and it was a something like a water tower with casket and i keep tryna focus my eyes in it to see the name and his was on it and i jus started crying the next his mom came and said he was found dead in a back of a house i cried again and i told her lastnight when i left him his bestfriend was going to him then all of a sudden the dream changed to me tryna get away cause wanted to kill me for sniching

causing seizures, especially since Bahati had undergone

causing seizures, especially since Bahati had undergone a traditional treatment the previous day involving the removal of his uvula (the projection of the soft palate between the tonsils).Many vocational degree courses such as or say that applicants must complete work placements before applying. Mary Beard,Rethinking revenuesDespite the extraordinary fiscal crisis of the past few years,Claudia Megele is a senior lecturer at the and vice-chair of Tower Hamlets police and community safety boardThis content is brought to you by Guardian Professional. Her latest collection is . Self into Song, witty and written with great joie de vivre, and we wouldn't even be able to put together flat pack furniture. Short Ugg Boot

I am in an orphanage full of

I am in an orphanage full of girls. The hallways were so full, and I had to press through the children like I was in a can of sardines to get to a room where someone was teaching. I go into the room and the teacher and I recognize one another. She’s an Amazon woman, towering 2 feet above me. I keep thinking to myself – “She’s so tall and I’m so small.” She’s blonde, professionally dressed, and has a large book in her hands. She says, “You remember me, I was the VP of Marketing. Now I teach Marketing to 8-year olds. I heard about what the company did to you.” I rack my brain trying to think of her name, I can’t remember it, but her face is really familiar to me. Then I’m back in the hallway carrying a lot of suitcases and I’m trying to get away from the orphanage to an airport.