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Arguing with mother while traveling out of

Arguing with mother while traveling out of town in auto after that has been deceased 2 years was traveling with us mother made me so angry i got out of auto and proceeded to walk home

I;m traveling alone on a city train,

I;m traveling alone on a city train, going somewhere I've never been before and I always need directions on how to get back on train

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high

Honeymoon dream Waterfalls Engagement island Really high waterfalls with multiple layers- we started out looking out from the highest point and then made our way to the middle look out point From there when I looked down it was still deep and far down to the water I had 2 per lizards I was cuddling with, One by one each lizard jumped into the water together where I saw one really happy swimming with a giant toad 2 pet lizards each went into the water My love had an orange backpack We jumped in the water falls to get to the next level We crawled through a tiny hole up into an exclusive rich person resort where there were rich taught old lady bodies who were flexing their ass in the mist and gyrating My iPhone broke and I stole purple tape to fix it Bathroom problems and expensive drinks and food Danny was there we got an appetizer It ended with my love and I on a train somewhere in Europe together traveling he had blonde hair and wire glasses we were in an embrace and it was as if it was a movie

I lost a baby roughly four months

I lost a baby roughly four months ago at five months and had to deliver vaginally. Just as background for this dream. Now in this dream I was traveling with some old friends just around our hometown with my current boyfriend who I also lost said baby with and all at once I look down at this water bottle I had gotten during the dream and there was a baby in it and it was as big as my daughter was when she died but it was a boy. On the way to somewhere I spoke to the child and it told me it was happy that I held him it made him warm. We ended up in the workplace of a friend who my old friends and I knew before he passed and some of his crazed coworkers tried to kill me and my baby in the bottle. I ran and hid the baby and went back to try and hurt the coworker or incapacitate him for trying to hurt my child. And when I returned to try to find the child it had been moved and it took me a minute to find and I found it with no water in it and the baby had died. At this point doctors showed up and my boyfriend ran from the car and just grabbed the baby and held it and told the doctors the time of death and I fell to my knees crying and that was the end

A little backstory since I think it's

A little backstory since I think it's relevant to a recent dream. The past couple of years I've been doing a lot of traveling and figuring out what I want, and what I don't, want to do with and have in my life. I've learned a lot and have been having a mostly awesome time (hardships always come and go) but currently finally at peace and calm with whatever happens, probably the most at ease with anything I've ever been. About two years ago I broke up with a girlfriend and it wasn't pretty. Recently, we finally had contact and while not necessarily patching things up, I cleared the air with full disclosure so internally I feel good about that now. So that's me currently but the dream deals with someone from the past. It was seven years ago and I had a childlike crush on a girl, I was 17. Probably as close to perfect as one could be but while I got to know her and became friends she ended up getting into a relationship with a guy who took her down a dark road for a few years. I was young and the crush passed like they all do and I never really had bad luck with girls so It worked out. I saw her a couple times years back but it was just small talk and not much else. So while it's been 4-5 years since I've seen or talked to her, last night I had a dream about her. I was at her parents house and we were close, kissing, and happy. I think I had just come back from another trip to a random country. She said she had letters for me and I had to read them and then decide what I wanted to do and find her and her mother and let them know my decision. I read the letters. They were dated over the years but they were never sent to me. She had kept them. They said that she loved me and wanted to be with me. As I read them the dream became almost lucid. I felt a sense of acceptance and salvation as I knew how she felt, after everything I had been through, experienced, and done, she had wanted me, and had told her whole family such, and it was a pretty amazing sensation. That's pretty much the dream. One of my favorite ones and the only one I can remember in quite a long time. Thoughts?