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There is a wind storm and the

There is a wind storm and the grain wagons start to roll away in the wind. I jump on it to slow it down but then the wagom hits a bump and flings me into the air then I fall to the ground.

I dreamed I was a school bus

I dreamed I was a school bus driver and I picked my kids up in a wagon and pulled them to school.

In a strange house that was my

In a strange house that was my boyfriends. His daughters were in a back room. It wa early morning. Some of their friends came over to get ready for a cheerleaders event. They brought their uniforms and left them in the ground. I stepped on one when I was walking through. Then went outside with my boyfriend and another couple. It was a beautiful sunrise and a pretty piece of land. Someone drove thru with a horse and wagon. I wanted to go somewhere else to see,more of the sunrise but we couldn't because of the kids and I was mad. Then went inside. Was with his other daughter. We saw what we thought were two dolphins in the water next to the house. One of the dolphins came into the house through a window. The other dolphin was actually a dog who came info the house. We chased the dolphin and put it back into the water. Then I was doing laundry with his son (he doesn't have a son in real life). We were arguing over putting detergent into the machine and the son was defying me. He scolded the son and sent him to his room. And later made him apologize. We the went to an open air mall. He introduced me to someone and forgot my name twice. I then asked him about another woman who was there and if he wanted to date her. Her name was Zapata. I then see her cooking eggs and serving them to her family. I kiss my boyfriend goodbye.

Something happened in the world that killed

Something happened in the world that killed a bunch of people. The survivors, which included me and my two best friends, were transported in large wooden wagons to a facility with white walls. Eventually, I decided I wanted to escape. I asked one of my friends to come with me, but she refused. Then my other friend appeared out of nowhere and said he wanted to go. I hugged him and we escaped through the window. However, he tried to climb a hill and they saw him. We ran around the building, but they caught us because he refused to run any further. They took us back inside. A while after that, me, my two friends, and some other random female was in a bathroom. We were talking about escape, but only me and the male friend of mine wanted to try again. However, a security guard was eavesdropping and burst in the bathroom, throwing me against the wall, and arrested my male friend. Then I text another person I haven't talked to in a long time to ask if he wanted to escape. He said yes. I asked him where he lived and he never replied.

Driving in a black muscle car the

Driving in a black muscle car the police are trying to find me it is night outside i am avoiding them i get away from the cops i am driving in a downtown area i see a big building it looks like capitol hill i am now driving on a highway the wheel breaks we pull over to a fast food joint so i can fix it David cross and another man tell me to fix it while they get something to eat i start trying to build the wheel out of Lego, Larry the cable guy in a Texas car salesman outfit is getting out of a covered wagon he has just finished having sex with a prostitute. He says go ahead she is all mine. I walk over the the unconscious prostitute and slap and grab her butt. I walk away and fix the wheel. after finishing i go and get my companions they are in a crowd that Larry the cable guy is talking to he was trying to sell them something.