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I am climbing up a steep mountain

I am climbing up a steep mountain path in a forest, I am already very high up. Immediately on my left is a cliff that drops into a deep ravine, at the bottom is a wide lake, and on the other side is another cliff. There are two waterfalls pouring down cliff, vast waterfalls. I suddenly notice a shadow behind each suggesting caves. After I notice the caves, a giant ox comes out of the cave on the left, waterfall parting around it. Out of the cave on the right comes a giant dragon. I suddenly know that the dragon is going to eat the giant ox, but that it has eaten it over and over, so it must be reborn every day.

She said it took a long time

She said it took a long time to get there but we just slept and she was scared the plane would wreck. We got there safely and went to our huge house to stay with grandma on the beach. She said that as soon as we got there we went to see the volcanos and they were huge. After we saw them we kept walking and found a beautiful waterfall and walked under it and the water was real cold. Next she said that we went back to the house and went to the beach and she and I were in the water and everyone started running out and she saw a shark swimming by me so she told me to run and then we did and she woke up from her dream.