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Last night I dreamt that I am

Last night I dreamt that I am at someone's house and my boyfriend comes there dressed up in white to get married to one of the girl's there.he sits on a chair in the porch and waits for the ceremony to start. he tells me that he found "another" and I felt cheated and leave the house with a very heavy heart. But I want to tell someone that he is a sick man and that he may not have told them all about himself. As I wait outside the house to find the phone number so that I can call and tell someone a lady comes out and I asked who she was. she says " I am the lovely wheatish bride of the groom and as I look at her I realise that she doesn't look good at all with dark complexion, teeth sticking out with dry pimple face. Hair was straight and shoulder length. I hesitated and was reluctant to tell her the truth about my boyfriend. Just then some people comes out and takes her inside the house telling her that she needs to dress up and I woke up.

Walking holding hands with man through beautiful

Walking holding hands with man through beautiful wheat field to tree in middle of field with a multi colored winged turtle in it that flies away when we approached. then a beautiful blue lake. Icicles everywhere. he is gone. I jump in and see him. we embrace.