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This is a reoccurring dream. I am

This is a reoccurring dream. I am at an amusement park but there is only one ride. The ride is a combination of a roller coaster and a water slide. The ride is located on a long, windy road near Atkins Farm in Amherst. I can tell exactly where the park is located (at the huge gravel mill) but I have never been there before. I am about to go on this ride but something stops me every time. Once the ride gets going I look up and all the people I care about the most are on the ride, my friends, my family etc. Then out of nowhere this huge octopus comes on to the ride. It is going to eat everyone whole and kill them right in front of me. Everyone else at the park is trying to stop the ride and get the octopus out of there but the only people who know how to save everyone are me and my boyfriend, who is a different person every time I have the dream and every time I have NO clue who he is. I get on to the ride to try and save my friends and family but the octopus starts attacking me. My boyfriend saves me but the dream always ends before I know what the fate of my loved ones is.

I was living in a mountainous area

I was living in a mountainous area in a cabin like house my mother, sister and brother in-law. I drove to go get my husband from somewhere he shouldn't have been in an old beat up car. I was driving on a windy road feeling like I had to get to him fast and then suddenly, I drove off the edge of a steep cliff and floated down into a beautiful valley. I felt peaceful and it was beautiful. I then sort of appeared back at the house and was trying to tell my family that the crash and flames was from me and that I was gone. They couldn't hear me, I don't think. Yet, I was content, without fear. What could this mean?

It was very windy, people everywhere, chaos,

It was very windy, people everywhere, chaos, I keep saying the world has gone mad. Then a Mexican man who I could not see but I knew he was Mexican his name was Ivan said read Revelations 2. Then a voice said remember this. That's all I remember of the dream. I never dream maybe 5 times in my life time do i ever remember. So this was bizarre. The week before i woke up in the middle of the night and saw what i thought was a person at the bottom of my bed. I yelled out who's there, blinked and it was gone.....rolled over and went back to sleep

I was on a balcony overlooking the

I was on a balcony overlooking the city. Luis, his father and I were looking at a map or a blueprint of some sort. It was windy. I heard and sensed an explosion. When I looked towards the city i saw what looked like a volcano erupting. I couldn't believe my eyes as I knew this was in the middle of the city and unless this was a sink-hole of some sort it couldn't be possible. The firey eruptions turned into a huge explosion and a rumble underneath the earth that raised the earth and everything on it as it made a straight line towards the building that we were on. Once it hit underneath us, it shook us all, like an earthquake. The reason it had come straight at us is because we were on a leigh line of some kind and whatever we were doing with that map/blueprint was was of great importance energetically.

o every night i have this dream

o every night i have this dream ! its annoying and creepy . so it is darkness all black than it turns like this : its blue like in night , there is a little windy , snowy and there are Dead buildings like broken building .. there lives nobody except that '' creature '' she calls herself a grim reaper like soul taker . she has long silver hair like albino , red lips and red/blue/green eyes . u know she changes them each time its very creepy like u know in film where vampires/demons have this kind of eyes : so every night she is like taking her sword kind of thing and she is like : look at this , HA ! and rips ppl-s souls and she calls herself hell sender . you know its VERY CREEPY ! LIKE EVERY NIGHT !

It began with me knocking at my

It began with me knocking at my parents family front door it night cold and windy..my deceased mother opened the door to my shock ..she turned ans walked away towards the kitchen.. i entered closing the door and saw my father watching TV .. I called to him asking .. what is she doing here ? .. my father could not hear or see me..on realizing this I proceeded to the kitchen and saw my deceased mother cooking dinner and table set like she use too.. I asked ..Mum what are you doing here? she turned looking at me with a smile tilting her head.. I began to cry and tried to embrace her..there was this blank void for a bit as I come from the blankness she was at the table away from me serving dinner ,I moved towards her pleading with her to talk to me and I woke up!