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Last night I had a Lucid dream

Last night I had a Lucid dream (which means that while you're dreaming, you know your dreaming) So basically I was at Great Wolf Lodge in the Wis' Dells and I was in the lobby were the clock tower show (which is kinda sorta a big part of my childhood) but instead of the normal totem poles that sorta dance a little, there were these two talking trees (like at the Pocono Mountains location) and I was like "Wait, this is the Wisconsin Dells Great Wolf Lodge. Oh wait... I'm dreaming I ALWAYS have dreams like these!" and then the dream ended

We were many, we went to a

We were many, we went to a programme. And immediately we reached we started thanking God. In an open field. So later we started howling like wolves, I was howling too. Immediately I saw the bush moving, it seems something is coming through, and I was the first to see a wolf. It started attacking people, none made attempt to hurt me. They started running, I looked back and saw an open door of a block house. It was not painted yet. I went inside immediately and ushered few people inside with me, that's a little girl, a woman, two ladies, and one guy. I shut the door and locked the door. I was the one who locked all the doors and windows. In the morning, everyone came out and was boarding a bike, immediately I stopped a man to carry me on his bike. He told me he will be back and he speedily drove off. Then I noticed the weather changed, i know they are coming. I rushed in with the people and closed the doors. It wasn't night then but the wolves came out and start attacking and eating people. We watched through the window, and a woman standing close to me said " they would have stayed close to there hiding places, now they are eaten.