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I've never had a nightmare in my

I've never had a nightmare in my life. Not truly. I have complex dreams with detailed and intricate plots, often including demons and foes who would do harm. If not for me. I am socially interactive and whatnot, but dream me is emotionless. I am, in dream, the most effective version of myself. Strong enough to kill off the hordes of zombies. I hunt the wolves that seek me. I defeat the fastest warriors. Battles of words. Fights beyond fist. Every scenario I could not do. I use others, never directly hurt them, to obtain my objective, I myself would not do this. I am "better" in my dreams and I destroy my nightmares. But, is it possible he is the true nightmare? A shell of myself, void of emotions. Using solely the most effective methods. Doing what I could never do. What happens if I were to fight him. His will would make me believe I would win. Then again, it's his will. I am him, he is me. What is he? Who am I? Could it be I aspire to him and he aspires to me? Btw, I'm not crazy. No really. I'm dramatic but what are these dream. Who do I become?